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Extradition Bill

Extradition Bill



Part 5

Miscellaneous and general

British overseas territories

      176        Extradition to Commonwealth countries etc.

      177        Extradition to other category 2 territories

      178        Extradition from Commonwealth countries etc.

      179        Extradition from other category 2 territories

      180        British overseas territories and the United Kingdom

Competing extradition claims

      181        Competing claims to extradition

      182        Proceedings on deferred warrant or request

      183        Proceedings where extradition deferred

Legal aid

      184        Legal aid: Scotland

      185        Grant of free legal aid: Northern Ireland

      186        Free legal aid: supplementary

Asylum appeals

      187        Asylum appeal to High Court where extradition ordered

      188        Asylum appeal to House of Lords where extradition ordered

Other miscellaneous provisions

      189        Human rights: appropriate tribunal

      190        Delivery up to International Criminal Court

      191        Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

      192        Custody

      193        Bail: England and Wales

      194        Bail: Scotland

      195        Appeal against grant of bail

      196        Remand to local authority accommodation

      197        Extradition for more than one offence

      198        National security

      199        Reasonable force

      200        Rules of court


      201        Disposal of Part 1 warrant and extradition request

      202        Disposal of charge

      203        Other interpretative provisions


      204        Form of documents

      205        Existing legislation on extradition


Extradition Bill



      206        Repeals

      207        Commencement

      208        Channel Islands and Isle of Man

      209        Orders and regulations

      210        Orders in Council

      211        Finance

      212        Extent

      213        Short title

                  Schedule                                          Repeals


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