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Enterprise Act 2002 (c. 40)

 14      Section 191 of the Enterprise Act 2002 (c. 40) (offences to which an Order in Council under the Extradition Act 1870 can apply) shall cease to have effect."


268Insert the following new Schedule—
 "European framework list
   1Participation in a criminal organisation.
  3Trafficking in human beings.
  4Sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.
  5Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
  6Illicit trafficking in weapons, munitions and explosives.
  8Fraud, including that affecting the financial interests of the European Communities within the meaning of the Convention of 26th July 1995 on the protection of the European Communities' financial interests.
  9Laundering of the proceeds of crime.
  10Counterfeiting currency, including of the euro.
  11Computer-related crime.
  12Environmental crime, including illicit trafficking in endangered animal species and in endangered plant species and varieties.
  13Facilitation of unauthorised entry and residence.
 1914Murder, grievous bodily injury.
  15Illicit trade in human organs and tissue.
  16Kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage-taking.
 2217Racism and xenophobia.
  18Organised or armed robbery.
  19Illicit trafficking in cultural goods, including antiques and works of art.
  21Racketeering and extortion.
  22Counterfeiting and piracy of products.
  23Forgery of administrative documents and trafficking therein.
  24Forgery of means of payment.
  25Illicit trafficking in hormonal substances and other growth promoters.
  26Illicit trafficking in nuclear or radioactive materials.
  27Trafficking in stolen vehicles.
  30Crimes within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.
  31Unlawful seizure of aircraft or ships.

[As amendments to amendment 268]

268ALine 19, at end insert "(except in circumstances where the offence was committed by a participant in an international sporting event)"
269Line 22, leave out "and xenophobia"




270Page 116, line 5, at end insert—
  "Criminal Justice Act 1967(c. 80)Section 34.
  Criminal Jurisdiction Act 1975 (c. 59)In Schedule 3, paragraph 1."
271Page 116, line 11, column 2, at end insert "In Schedule 2, paragraph 33."
272Page 116, line 13, at end insert—
  "Suppression of Terrorism Act 1978 (c. 26)Sections 1 and 2. In section 8—      (a)   
273Page 116, line 14, at end insert—
  "Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1990 (c. 5)Section 22.
  Computer Misuse Act 1990(c. 18)Section 15.
  Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 (c. 31)Section 49.
  Criminal Justice Act 1991(c. 53)Section 47(4)."
274Page 116, line 18, at end insert—
  "Criminal Justice Act 1993(c. 36)Section 72.
  Section 79(7).
  Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (c. 33)Sections 158 and 159.
  United Nations Personnel Act 1997 (c. 13)Section 6.
  Justices of the Peace Act 1997 (c. 25)In Schedule 5, paragraph 9.
  Access to Justice Act 1999(c. 22)In Schedule 11, paragraphs 18 and 31 to 36.
  Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 (c. 6)In Schedule 9, paragraph 124.
  Terrorism Act 2000 (c. 11)Section 64."
275Page 116, line 19, column 2, at beginning insert "Sections 71 to 73."
276Page 116, line 20, at end insert—
  "Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (c. 29)In Schedule 11, paragraph 18.
  Enterprise Act 2002 (c. 40)Section 191."

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