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Fireworks Bill


Fireworks Bill



Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department of Trade and Industry with

the consent of the Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale, are published separately as HL Bill


HL Bill 7753/2


Fireworks Bill





      1        Introduction

Fireworks regulations

      2        Power to make regulations about fireworks

      3        Prohibition of supply etc. to young persons

      4        Prohibition of supply etc. in certain circumstances

      5        Prohibition of supply etc. of certain fireworks

      6        Public fireworks displays

      7        Licensing of suppliers

      8        Information about fireworks

      9        Prohibition of importation etc. of fireworks

      10        Training courses


      11        Offences

      12        Enforcement

      13        Savings for certain privileges

      14        Prohibition of supply etc. of other explosives

      15        Repeals and revocation

      16        Parliamentary procedure for regulations

      17        Financial provisions

      18        Commencement

      19        Short title and extent

                  Schedule                                          Repeals and revocation

HL Bill 7753/2

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