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Amendments to the Local Government Bill

Local Government Bill



After Clause 117



Insert the following new Clause—
  "Generally accepted accounting practice: power to amend enactments
(1)  The appropriate person may by order amend or repeal an enactment relating to a local authority if he considers it appropriate to do so in the light of generally accepted accounting practice as it applies to local government.
(2)  It does not matter for the purposes of subsection (1) whether the enactment itself relates to the accounts of a local authority.
(3)  No order under this section shall be made by the Secretary of State unless a draft of the statutory instrument containing the order has been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.
(4)  In this section—
 "enactment" includes an enactment contained in this Act or any Act passed after this Act;
 "local authority" means—
(a)  a body which is a local authority for the purposes of Part 1, or
(b)  a parish council, a community council or charter trustees."

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1 July 2003