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Communications Bill

Communications Bill



Crown use of the radio spectrum

      161        Payments for use of radio spectrum by the Crown

Limitations and exemptions applied to spectrum use

      162        Limitations on authorised spectrum use

      163        Terms etc. of wireless telegraphy licences

      164        Exemption from need for wireless telegraphy licence

Award and transfer of licences

      165        Bidding for wireless telegraphy licences

      166        Spectrum trading

Variation and revocation of licences

      167        Variation and revocation of wireless telegraphy licences

Wireless telegraphy register

      168        Wireless telegraphy register

Information requirements

      169        Information requirements in relation to wireless telegraphy licences

Criminal proceedings etc.

      170        Contraventions of conditions for use of wireless telegraphy

      171        Meaning of “repeated contravention” in s. 170

      172        Procedure for prosecutions of wireless telegraphy offences

      173        Special procedure for contraventions by multiplex licence holders

      174        Amount of penalty under s. 173

      175        “Relevant amount of gross revenue” for the purposes of s. 174

      176        Proceedings for an offence relating to apparatus use

      177        Modification of penalties for certain wireless telegraphy offences

      178        Fixed penalties for certain wireless telegraphy offences

      179        Power of arrest

      180        Forfeiture etc. of restricted apparatus

Construction of 1949 Act

      181        Modification of definition of “undue interference”

      182        Modification of definition of “wireless telegraphy”

Chapter 3

Disputes and appeals


      183        Reference of disputes to OFCOM

      184        Action by OFCOM on dispute reference

      185        Legal proceedings about referred disputes


Communications Bill



      186        Procedure for resolving disputes

      187        Disputes involving other member States

      188        Resolution of referred disputes

      189        OFCOM’s power to require information in connection with dispute


      190        Appeals against decisions by OFCOM, the Secretary of State etc.

      191        Reference of price control matters to the Competition Commission

      192        Composition of Competition Commission for price control references

      193        Decisions of the Tribunal

      194        Appeals from the Tribunal

Interpretation of Chapter 3

      195        Interpretation of Chapter 3

Part 3

Television and Radio Services

Chapter 1

The BBC, C4C the Welsh Authority and the Gaelic media service


      196        Functions of OFCOM in relation to the BBC


      197        Functions of C4C

      198        Removal of members of C4C

      199        Deficits and surpluses of C4C

      200        Borrowing limit for C4C

The Welsh Authority

      201        Function of OFCOM in relation to the Welsh Authority

      202        Welsh Authority’s function of providing S4C and S4C Digital

      203        Powers to provide other services

      204        Other activities of Welsh Authority

      205        Welsh Authority finances

The Gaelic Media Service

      206        The Gaelic Media Service

      207        Membership of the Service

      208        Supplementary provisions about the Service


Communications Bill



Chapter 2

Regulatory Structure for Independent Television Services


      209        Regulation of independent television services

      210        Abolition of function of assigning television frequencies

      211        Abolition of licensing for local cable systems

Channels 3 and 5

      212        Digital Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences

      213        Replacement of existing Channel 3 and Channel 5 licences

      214        Renewal of Channel 3 and 5 licences

      215        Financial terms of licence renewed under s. 214

The public teletext service

      216        Duty to secure the provision of a public teletext service

      217        Licensing of the public teletext service

      218        Delegation of provision of public teletext service

      219        Replacement of existing public teletext provider’s licence

      220        Renewal of public teletext licence

      221        Financial terms of licence renewed under s. 220

Meaning of initial expiry date

      222        Meaning of “initial expiry date”

Reviews relating to licensing of Channels 3 & 5 and teletext

      223        Application for review of financial terms of replacement licences

      224        Application for review of financial terms in consequence of new obligations

      225        Reviews under ss. 223 and 224

      226        Giving effect to reviews under ss. 223 and 224

      227        Report in anticipation of new licensing round

      228        Orders suspending rights of renewal

Replacement of Channel 4 licence

      229        Replacement of Channel 4 licence

Television licensable content services

      230        Meaning of “television licensable content service”

      231        Services that are not television licensable content services

      232        Modification of ss. 230 and 231

      233        Licensing of television licensable content services

      234        Direction to licensee to take remedial action

      235        Penalties for contravention of licence condition or direction

      236        Revocation of television licensable content service licence

      237        Action against licence holders who incite crime or disorder

      238        Abolition of separate licences for certain television services


Communications Bill



Television multiplex services

      239        Television multiplex services

      240        Composition of services in television multiplexes

      241        Powers where frequencies reserved for qualifying services

Local digital television services

      242        Local digital television services

Chapter 3

Regulatory Structure for Independent Radio Services


      243        Regulation of independent radio services

      244        Abolition of function of assigning radio frequencies

Radio licensable content services

      245        Meaning of “radio licensable content services”

      246        Services that are not radio licensable content services

      247        Modification of ss. 245 and 246

      248        Licensing of radio licensable content services

      249        Abolition of separate licences for certain sound services

Licence periods etc.

      250        Extension of licence periods

      251        Extension and modification of existing licences

      252        Renewal of local licences

      253        Extension of special application procedure for local licences

Provision of simulcast radio services

      254        Definition of simulcast radio services

      255        Promotion of simulcast radio services

Multiplexes broadcasting sound programmes

      256        Radio multiplex services

      257        Composition of services in radio multiplexes

      258        Digital sound services for inclusion in non-radio multiplexes

      259        Renewal of radio multiplex licences

Access radio

      260        Access radio


Communications Bill



Chapter 4

Regulatory provisions

Application of regulatory regimes

      261        Application of regulatory regimes

The public service remit for television

      262        OFCOM reports on the fulfilment of the public service remit

      263        Public service remits of licensed providers

      264        Statements of programme policy

      265        Changes of programme policy

      266        Statements of service policy by the public teletext provider

      267        Changes of service policy

      268        Enforcement of public service remits

      269        Power to amend public service remits

Must offer obligations etc. affecting public service television

      270        Must-offer obligations in relation to networks

      271        Must-offer obligations in relation to satellite services

      272        Securing reception of must-provide services in certain areas

      273        Must-provide services for the purposes of s. 272

      274        Co-operation with the public teletext provider

Programming quotas for public service television

      275        Programming quotas for independent productions

      276        Programming quotas for original productions

News provision etc. on public service television

      277        News and current affairs programmes

      278        Appointed news providers for Channel 3

      279        Power to repeal Channel 3 news provider provisions

      280        News providers for Channel 5

      281        News provision on the public teletext service

Independent and regional productions and programmes for public service television

      282        Code relating to programme commissioning

      283        Regional programme-making for Channels 3 and 5

      284        Regional programmes on Channel 3

      285        Regional programme-making for Channel 4

      286        Regional matters in the public teletext service

Networking arrangements for Channel 3

      287        Proposals for arrangements

      288        Obligation as to making and continuance of approved arrangements

      289        OFCOM’s power to impose arrangements

      290        Review of approved networking arrangements etc.


Communications Bill



      291        Supplemental provision about networking arrangements

Special obligations for Channel 4

      292        Involvement of C4 Corporation in programme-making

      293        Schools programmes on Channel 4

      294        Channel 4 contribution towards national television archive

Special obligation for the public teletext provider

      295        Conditions prohibiting interference with other services

Sporting and other events of national interest

      296        Categorisation of listed events

      297        Effects of categorisation of listed events

      298        Code relating to listed events

      299        Regulations about coverage of listed events

Television services for the deaf and visually impaired

      300        Code relating to provision for the deaf and visually impaired

      301        Procedure for issuing and revising code under s. 300

      302        Meaning of “relevant date” in s. 300

      303        Power to modify targets in s. 300

      304        Observance of code under s. 300

Programming quotas for digital television programme services

      305        Quotas for independent programmes

Regulation of electronic programme guides

      306        Code of practice for electronic programme guides

      307        Conditions to comply with code under s. 306

Character and coverage of radio services

      308        Character and coverage of sound broadcasting services

      309        Consultation about change of character of local services

      310        Local content and character of local sound broadcasting services

      311        Variations of radio multiplex licences affecting service characteristics

Competition between licensed providers etc.

      312        Conditions relating to competition matters

      313        Exercise of Broadcasting Act powers for a competition purpose

      314        Review of powers exercised for competition purposes

Programme and fairness standards for television and radio

      315        OFCOM’s standards code

      316        Special impartiality requirements

      317        Objectives for advertisements and sponsorship


Communications Bill



      318        Supplementary powers relating to advertising

      319        Modification of matters to be taken into account under s. 315

      320        Setting and publication of standards

      321        Observance of standards code

      322        Duty to observe fairness code

      323        Standards with respect to fairness

      324        Duty to publicise OFCOM’s functions in relation to complaints

Power to proscribe unacceptable foreign television and radio services

      325        Proscription orders

      326        Effect of proscription order

      327        Notification for enforcing proscription

      328        Penalties for contravention of notification under s. 327

Party political broadcasts on television and radio

      329        Party political broadcasts

Monitoring of programmes

      330        Retention and production of recordings

International obligations

      331        Conditions securing compliance with international obligations

Government requirements for licensed services

      332        Government requirements for licensed services

Equal opportunities and training

      333        Promotion of equal opportunities and training

Corresponding rules for the BBC and Welsh Authority

      334        Corresponding rules for the BBC and the Welsh Authority

Enforcement against the Welsh Authority

      335        Review of fulfilment by Welsh Authority of public service remits

      336        Directions to Welsh Authority to take remedial action

      337        Imposition of penalties on the Welsh Authority

      338        Contraventions recorded in Welsh Authority’s annual report

      339        Provision of information by Welsh Authority

Enforcement of licence conditions

      340        Transmission of statement of findings

      341        Financial penalties imposable on licence holders

      342        Recovery of fees and penalties


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