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Amendments to the Fire Services Bill

Fire Services Bill



Clause 1



Page 1, line 3, at end insert "if requisite in the public interest of immediate implementation in a state of emergency"
Page 1, line 6, at end insert "provided that the provisions of subsections (3) and (8) shall not apply to an order made under this subsection."
Page 1, line 6, at end insert—
"(1A)  Collective action, whether primary or secondary, taken at the instigation of a trade union which—
(a)  disrupts fire brigade services, or
(b)  inhibits due performance of an order of the Secretary of State under subsections (1) or (1B).
  shall be unlawful."
Page 1, line 6, at end insert—
"(1B)  Without derogation from his power under subsection (1)(b) to give directions to fire authorities, the Secretary of State may not make an order by virtue of subsection (1)(a) unless—
(a)  collective bargaining has failed and no application has been made to a mandatory arbitral tribunal for the resolution of the dispute, or
(b)  the award of the tribunal established under subsection (1C) has been ignored or rejected."
Page 1, line 6, at end insert—
"(1C)  There shall be established a mandatory arbitral tribunal ("the tribunal"), independent of government, for the resolution of disputes concerning the conditions of service of members of the fire brigades.
(1D)  No dispute shall be referred to the tribunal unless there has been a failure of collective bargaining, and such failure has been certified either by—
(a)  the parties to the dispute, or
(b)  ACAS.
(1E)  Any award of the tribunal shall be binding on the parties to the dispute and on government."
Page 1, line 17, after "section" insert "other than under subsection (1)"
Leave out Clause 1

In the Title



Line 2, after "brigades" insert "as a means of last resort to avoid disruption of such services by collective action"

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16 July 2003