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Anti-social Behaviour Bill


Anti-social Behaviour Bill



Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Home Office, will be published

separately as HL Bill 84–EN.


The Baroness Scotland of Asthal has made the following statement under section

19(1)(a) of the Human Rights Act 1998:

In my view the provisions of the Anti-social Behaviour Bill are compatible with the

Convention rights.

HL Bill 10853/2


Anti-social Behaviour Bill





Part 1

Premises where drugs used unlawfully

      1        Closure notice

      2        Closure order

      3        Closure order: enforcement

      4        Closure of premises: offences

      5        Extension and discharge of closure order

      6        Appeals

      7        Access to other premises

      8        Reimbursement of costs

      9        Exemption from liability for certain damages

      10        Compensation

      11        Interpretation

Part 2


      12        Anti-social behaviour: landlords’ policies and procedures

      13        Injunctions against anti-social behaviour on application of certain social


      14        Security of tenure: anti-social behaviour

      15        Demoted assured shorthold tenancies

      16        Proceedings for possession: anti-social behaviour

      17        Devolution: Wales

Part 3

Parental responsibilities

Parenting orders under the 1998 Act

      18        Parenting orders under the 1998 Act

HL Bill 10853/2

Anti-social Behaviour Bill



Truancy and exclusion from school

      19        Parenting contracts in cases of exclusion from school or truancy

      20        Parenting orders in cases of exclusion from school

      21        Parenting orders: supplemental

      22        Parenting orders: appeals

      23        Penalty notices for parents in cases of truancy

      24        Interpretation

Criminal conduct and anti-social behaviour

      25        Parenting contracts in respect of criminal conduct and anti-social behaviour

      26        Parenting orders in respect of criminal conduct and anti-social behaviour

      27        Parenting orders: supplemental

      28        Parenting orders: appeals

      29        Interpretation and consequential amendment

Part 4

Dispersal of groups etc.

      30        Dispersal of groups and removal of persons under 16 to their place of


      31        Authorisations: supplemental

      32        Powers under section 30: supplemental

      33        Powers of community support officers

      34        Code of practice

      35        Authorisations by British Transport Police

      36        Interpretation

Part 5

Sanctions etc.

      37        Anti-social behaviour orders

      38        Certain orders made on conviction of offences

      39        Penalty notices for disorderly behaviour by young persons

      40        Curfew orders and supervision orders

      41        Extension of powers of community support officers etc.

      42        Report by local authority in certain cases where person remanded on bail

Part 6


      43        Possession of air weapon or imitation firearm in public place

      44        Air weapons: age limits

      45        Prohibition of certain air weapons


Anti-social Behaviour Bill



Part 7

The environment


      46        Closure of noisy premises

      47        Closure of noisy premises: supplemental

      48        Dealing with noise at night

Penalty notices for graffiti and fly-posting

      49        Penalty notices for graffiti and fly-posting

      50        Meaning of relevant offence

      51        Penalty receipts

      52        Powers of police civilians

      53        Interpretation etc

Removal of graffiti

      54        Graffiti removal notices

      55        Recovery of expenditure

      56        Guidance

      57        Appeals

      58        Exemption from liability in relation to graffiti removal notices

Aerosol paints

      59        Sale of aerosol paint to children

Waste and litter

      60        Unlawfully deposited waste etc

      61        Extension of litter authority powers to take remedial action

Part 8

Public order and trespass

      62        Public assemblies

      63        Raves

      64        Aggravated trespass

      65        Power to remove trespassers: alternative site available

      66        Failure to comply with direction: offences

      67        Failure to comply with direction: seizure

      68        Common land: modifications

      69        Interpretation

Part 9


      70        Repeals

      71        Commencement


Anti-social Behaviour Bill



      72        Orders and regulations

      73        Money

      74        Extent

      75        Short title

                  Schedule 1                                         Demoted tenancies

                  Schedule 2                                         Curfew orders and supervision orders

                  Schedule 3                                         Repeals


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