Annual Report 2002-03


Changes in complement and grading
1 April 2002 to 31 March 2003

Increases in Permanent Posts
2 B1 Hansard Reporters
1 B1 Business Systems Analyst, Computer Office
1 B2 Business Systems Consultant, Computer Office
1 B2 Research Assistant, Committee Office
1 B2 Systems Accountant, Accountant's Office
1 B2 Management Accountant, Accountant's Office
1 B2 Technical Support Manager, Computer Office
1 C2 Assistant Librarian (part time)
2 C2 Assistant Records Manager
1 C2 Executive Officer, Minute Room
2 D1 Junior Administrator, Establishment Office
1 D1 Computer Helpdesk Administrator

Increases in Temporary Posts
1 Senior Band 1 Financial Adviser
1 AFS Library Clerk (part-time)

Changes in Grading
Director of Public Information A2 ­ A1
Head of Research Services, Library A2 ­ A1
Chief Reporter B1 ­ A2
Head of Inquiry Unit, Journal and Information Office C2 ­ B2
Minute Room Administrator C2 ­ B2
IT Executive Officer, Black Rod's Office C3 ­ C2
Helpdesk Manager, Computer Office C3 ­ C2






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