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Social Work: Awards of Undergraduate Qualifications

Lord Northbourne asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Education and Skills (Barones Ashton of Upholland): The latest available information showing the number of students who obtained undergraduate diplomas or certificates, is shown in the following table. Information for 2001–02 will be available in January 2003.

3 Dec 2002 : Column WA97

Students obtaining qualifications in social work HE institutions in the UK

Year of qualification:
Qualification type:
Diploma of HE2,0022,0391,9271,6861,4791,645
Certificate of HE7086298274370335
Other undergraduate diploma/certificate1,2581,1741,0241,0059231,225


Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Student Record.

3 Dec 2002 : Column WA99

School Admissions: Consultation Document

Lord Pilkington of Oxenford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether copies of the consultation document on school admissions were sent to all schools and governing bodies; and who else received the consultation document.[HL228]

Baroness Ashton of Upholland: As part of a drive to reduce the amount of paperwork sent directly to schools, the department routinely consults representative samples, rather than going to every individual school. In this instance, the consultation was targeted towards admission authorities, as they would have the most direct interest in changes to the codes and regulations. All local education authorities—as the admission authorities of community and voluntary controlled schools—were consulted, along with a representative sample of foundation and voluntary aided schools, who are their own admission authorities, and a smaller sample of other non-admission authority schools. The consultation was also available on the department's website. In addition, the following representative and national bodies were also consulted:

    Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) Ltd

    The Association of Foundation and Voluntary Aided Schools

    Association of London Government

    Association of Muslim Schools (UK)

    The Board of Deputies of British Jews

    British Humanist Association

    Campaign for State Education (CASE)

    Catholic Education Service and diocesan boards of education

    Centre for Academies Support Services (CASS)

    Church of England Board of Education and diocesan boards of education

    Commission for Racial Equality

    Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex

    Council on Tribunals

    CTC Principals' Forum

    Department of Health

    Equal Opportunities Commission

    Free Church Federal Council

    Greek Orthodox Church

    Home Office Immigration and Nationality Division

    Information for School and College Governors (ISCG)

    Local Government Association

    Local Government Ombudsman

    National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers

    National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations

3 Dec 2002 : Column WA100

    National Governors Council

    National Union of Teachers

    Office of the Schools Adjudicator

    Public Sector Team, Cabinet Office

    Personnel Command—Personnel Services, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Secondary Heads Association

    Service Personnel Policy Families

    Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    Sikh Secretariat

    Society of Friends

    The Education Network

    The Muslim Educational Trust

    The Wales Office

Foot and Mouth: Research into Emotional, Social and Mental Health Consequences

Lord Inglewood asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they will undertake or commission further work into the emotional, social and mental health consequences of foot and mouth disease in Cumbria; and whether the research should be extended to encompass children.[HL74]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health (Lord Hunt of Kings Heath): A national study is currently being carried out by the Institute of Health Research at Lancaster University, on behalf of the Department of Health, and is due to conclude in 2004.

In the mean time the Department of Health through the Rural Stress Action Plan continues to work closely with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to support farmers and their families with the aim of delivering support that will make a difference to those in need.

NHS Managers: Early Retirements

Earl Howe asked Her Majesty's Government:

    How many managerial staff, at each grade and for each region of the National Health Service, have been granted concessionary pension benefits arising from early retirement during the financial years 2001–02 and 2002–03 to date; and[HL158]

    How many managerial employees of the National Health Service who took early retirement in the financial years 2001–02 and 2002–03 to date were aged 61-65, 56-60, 51-55, and 50 and under respectively.[HL159]

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: The information requested is not collected centrally. The number of early retirements, in respect of all National Health Service staff in England and Wales, in the financial years 2001–02 and up to October 2002–03, is in the table:

3 Dec 2002 : Column WA101


Early retirements include those from age 50, on the grounds of redundancy, retirement in the interests of the efficiency of the service, agreed voluntary early retirement and ill-health retirements at any age.

NHS: Cost of Temporary Workers

Baroness Noakes asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What was the cost to the National Health Service in 2001–02 of temporary workers, broken down between the cost of doctors, nurses and other staff categories.[HL272]

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: Information on the cost to the National Health Service in 2001–02 of temporary workers, by category, is not available yet, but figures are expected to be available from mid-December 2002.

Primary Healthcare: Rural One-Stop Centres

Baroness Byford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Further to the Rural Proofing Report (page 20), how many rural, one-stop, primary healthcare centres have been opened since the production of the report.[HL317]

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: The NHS Plan sets a target to create 500 new one-stop centres to bring together primary and community care services. The rural White Paper announced that up to 100 of these centres or mobile service units will serve rural populations. Data are currently being analysed and a copy of the results will be placed in the Library when available.

European Union: Forthcoming Council Business and Major Events

Lord Hughes of Woodside asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union for December, and what are the major European Union events for the period between 1 January and 30 June 2003.[HL364]

The Minister for Trade (Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean): Business in the Council of the European Union, December 2002 including major European Union events, 1 January to 30 June 2003 is as follows:


2—Brussels—Meeting on Macro Economic Dialogue (Ministerial Troika)


3 Dec 2002 : Column WA102

2-3—Brussels—Employment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council

4—Brussels—Meeting of the Praesidium

5-6—Brussels—Transport, Telecom & Energy Council

9—Brussels—General Affairs Council

9-10—Brussels—Environment Council

12-13—Copenhagen—European Council

16-19—Brussels—Agricultural & Fisheries Council

19—Brussels—Meeting of the Praesidium

20—Brussels—Justice & Home Affairs & Civil Protection Council

20-21—Brussels—Convention Plenary—External Action & Defence Working Group Conclusions

January 2003
9BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
9BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (tbc)
16BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
20BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsConvention Plenary
20–21BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
24NafplionEmployment Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
28BrusselsEU-ASEAN Ministerial
30BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
February 2003
5BrusselsMeeting of the Praesdium
6–7BrusselsConvention Plenary
10–11BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (tbc)
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
17BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council (tbc)
22ThessalonikiEnergy Council (Ministerial Informal)
24–25BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council Agriculture & Fisheries
26BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27–28BrusselsConvention Plenary
27–28BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
28BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
March 2003
1–2IoanninaInformal Education
3BrusselsCompetitiveness Council
4BrusselsEnvironment Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
6LuxembourgEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
6LuxembourgEUROGROUP (evening)
7LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
13BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
14–15Athens(Informal Defence Meeting)
17–18BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18LuxembourgAgriculture & Fisheries Council
18–19LuxembourgGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
21BrusselsEuropean Council
27BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
27VeriaJustice and Home Affairs Council (Ministerial Informal)
27–28LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
27–28AthensEU-Rio Group, EU- MERCOSUR
28–29VeriaInformal Justice & Home Affairs (Veria)
31BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (tbc)
April 2003
2BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
3–4BrusselsConvention Plenary
4BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs
4–6Hania (Crete)Informal ECOFIN (Ministerial)
5LisbonEurope—Africa Summit
5IoanninaMinisterial Meeting on Education (Informal)
10BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
11–13ChaniaECOFIN (Informal)
14BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
14BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries
16AthensEuropean Conference
16AthensSignature of the Accession (Provisional Date)
23BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
24–25BrusselsConvention Plenary
May 2003
2–4GreeceGymnich (Informal Foreign Ministers)
5AthensInformal Environment (Ministerial)
5–6BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council (tbc)
8BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
12–13CorfuAgriculture (Ministerial Informal)
14BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
14BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
15–16BrusselsConvention Plenary
16BrusselsEU—ACP Ministerial
16–17HalkidikiInformal Regional Policy (Ministerial)
16–18Cruise off GreeceInformal Transport & Merchant Marine (Ministerial)
17BrusselsEU—W. Balkans (Zagreb Process)
19BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations (plus Defence)
20BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
22BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
24ThessalonikiInformal Culture (Ministerial)
26–27BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
26–27AthensEUROMED Conference (Mid Term Ministerial)
27BrusselsEnvironment Council
28BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
30–31BrusselsConvention Plenary
31St PetersburgEU—Russia Summit
June 2003
2–3AlexandroupoliDevelopment Co-operation (Ministerial Informal)
2–3BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
4BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
5–6BrusselsConvention Plenary
5–6BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
5–6BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
11BrusselsMeeting of the Praesidium
11–12BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
12–13BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18 BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
20–21ThessalonikiEuropean Council
22BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
24BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council

3 Dec 2002 : Column WA104

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