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Lord Jacobs asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord McIntosh of Haringey: The information requested falls within the responsibility of the National Statistician, who has been asked to reply.

Letter from the Director of Macroeconomics and Labour Market, Office for National Statistics, Colin Mowl, dated 7 January 2003.

The National Statistician has been asked to reply to your recent question on the retail prices index excluding mortgage interest payments (RPIX). I am replying in his absence.

The figures are provided in the table below. In the first two columns for RPIX and house depreciation respectively the percentage change over 12 months relates to the percentage change in the relevant index number compared with the same month a year earlier. The third column shows the percentage change over 12 months for RPIX with the house depreciation component excluded.

Each component of RPIX has a weight equal to its proportion of the total expenditure on goods and services by households covered by the index. The weight for house depreciation given in the final column represents the expenditure that owner-occupiers would find necessary to maintain their houses at constant quality expressed as a percentage of total household expenditure. RPI weights are updated each February.

Percentage change over 12 months in RPIX and house depreciation & the weight of house depreciation in RPIX.

Percentage change over 12 months
RPIXHouse DepreciationRPIX Excluding DepreciationWeight of House Depreciation in RPIX (%)
Dec 20011.
Jan 20022.

The percentage changes over 12 months for RPIX, depreciation and RPIX excluding depreciation are published each month in table 2 of the Consumer Price Indices First Release and on the National Statistics Website

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA204

Service Personnel Museums

Baroness Goudie asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they have any plans to carry out a business process review of the six principal service personnel museums.[HL927]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence (Lord Bach): A business process review of the six principal service personnel museums is to be carried out by the Ministry of Defence. These organisations have non-departmental public bodies designation and receive grants in aid from the MoD. They are the Royal Naval Museum, the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the Royal Marines Museum, the National Army Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum. The previous review, termed a quinquennial review, was completed in March 1997.

Preliminary work has defined the scope of the study. The second phase will begin shortly and is expected to be completed within six months. The aim of the review is to examine the function, role, operation, funding and organisation of the museums, to seek to identify key objectives and performance and to determine whether their current status is most appropriate to future needs.

The review team will consult with a range of stakeholders during the course of the review, including the museum directors, staff and trustees, MoD and single service sponsors, TUs, local government, other government departments and other museums. The Ministry of Defence is interested also to hear the views of other organisations or individuals who would like to

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA205

make a contribution to the review. Those wishing to do so should send their contributions by 28 February 2003 to:

    The Museums Business Process Review Team

    Open Plan Area, 2nd Floor

    Ministry of Defence

    St Giles Court

    1-13 St Giles High Street

    London WC2H 8LD

    or by email to:

Meteor Air-to-air Missile

Lord Carter asked Her Majesty's Government:

    When a contract will be placed for the Meteor air-to-air missile.[HL971]

Lord Bach: We are pleased to inform the House that the contract for the Meteor air-to-air missile for the RAF's Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft was placed with MBDA on 23 December 2002. This followed the signature of the Meteor MOU by Germany, the last of the six partner nations (France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK) to sign, which permitted the UK, as lead nation, to sign the contract with MBDA.

Meteor is a key element of the Government's commitment to provide the best possible equipment for the Armed Forces. It will ensure Typhoon has the capability to combat predicted air-to-air threats thereby meeting our requirement to maintain air superiority well into the future.

This is extremely good news for British and European industry, sustaining high quality jobs in new technology and in system and software design. Furthermore, it puts MBDA at the forefront of a strengthened European missile defence industry and enhances export prospects for Typhoon.

When my right honourable friend the Defence Secretary (Mr Hoon) announced, on 16 May 2000, (Official Report, cols 149–51) in another place, the decision to select Meteor as the beyond visual range air-to-air missile to arm Typhoon, we agreed to publish the details of the breakpoints and

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA206

determination of when these assessments will be made once the memorandum of understanding was established. Now that this has been achieved, we can confirm that the contract includes four breakpoints as follows:

    Demonstration of Ramjet propulsion system (Boost to sustain motor transition and sustain motor operation)—at month 40 of the programme.

    Demonstration of guidance and control of the asymmetric airframe—at month 45 of the programme.

    Demonstration of the effectiveness of aircraft to missile transfer alignment process via data links—at month 45 of the programme.

    Demonstration of electronic protection measures—at month 51 of the programme.

The process for the independent assessment of the achievement of the milestones, and for securing partner nation agreement that they have been either achieved or failed, is set out in the MOU, copies of which will shortly be placed in the Library of the House. If MBDA fails to achieve any of the milestones, partner nations will be able to terminate the contract and recover all moneys paid. maria

Seaside Resorts: Development Funding

Lord Fearn asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What development funding has been allocated by the Government and the European Union to seaside resorts in 2002 to date. [HL722]

The Minister of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (Lord Rooker): There are no specific allocations for seaside resorts. However, a number of resorts are located within Objective 1 and 2 and INTERREG areas and therefore will benefit from Euopean funding.

The readily available data for European Funding of projects in seaside resorts (broadly interpreted) is contained in the table below. The sums are grants approved during 2002 for projects located in or around coastal towns. Projects may (and often do) run for a number of years following approval.

Additional to the sums mentioned, there is match funding—which applicants provide from other, including non-public, sources.

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA205

Region Seaside Resort Project TitleAllocation of European Structural Funds
East of EnglandLowestoftLowestoft Enterprise Park—Silk Cutters HouseERDF £285,000.00
East of EnglandLowestoftLowestoft Town Centre/Seafront Regeneration SchemeERDF £4,709,097.00
East of EnglandLowestoftLowestoft Enterprise Park ExtensionERDF £201,398.00
East of EnglandCromerCromer Seafront Enhancement ProgrammeERDF £1,485,000.00
East of EnglandCromerCromer Community Participation ProjectERDF £69,325.00
East of EnglandGreat YarmouthCommunity Resource CentresERDF £871,000.00
East of EnglandSheringhamNorth Norfolk Railway—Infrastructure ProjectERDF £213,900.00
East of EnglandSheringhamIntegrated Visitor Facilities—Sheringham ParkERDF £286,485.00
East of EnglandNorfolkSustainable Tourism Project—Titchwell Nature ReserveERDF £64,983.00
North WestSouthportICT @ SouthportESF £50,873
North WestSouthportSouthport Business Park Phases 1&2ERDF £395,285
North WestSouthportSouthport Eco—Visitor CentreERDF £390,000
North WestSouthportSandpipers Hotel ExtensionERDF £550,068
North WestSouthportSouthport Seafront Pre-developmentERDF £50,000
North WestSouthportSefton Integrated Tourism Initiative(1)ERDF £2,047,470
North WestSouthportMerseyside Festival of Golf(2)ERDF £361,648
North WestSouthportSouthport Seafront Action Plan(3)ERDF £7,347,500 ESF £900,000
North WestWhitehavenWhitehaven HarbourERDF £7,347,500
North WestWhitehavenWhitehaven EmploymentERDF £83,845
North WestFurness and West Cumbria CoastCoastal RenaissanceERDF £440,000
North WestWorkingtonWiring up WorkingtonERDF £105,900
North WestMorecambeEmployment Access CoordinatorERDF £99,985
North WestMorecambeNeighbourhood WardensERDF £98,000
North WestMorecambeICT Information ShopERDF £24,342
North WestMorecambeAccess to Employment/Self EmploymentERDF £75,143
North WestMorecambeCED WorkerERDF £60,000
North WestBarrowMade in BarrowERDF £174,483
North WestBarrowBarrow Community Dance ProjectERDF £35,467
North WestBarrowCreating a Thriving Moving Image in BarrowERDF £38,538
North WestBarrowBarrow Incubator (Business Support)ERDF £772,278
North WestBlackpoolCommunity Resource CentreERDF £138,000
North EastNorth ShieldsCatering Training Project 3ESF £105,289
North EastNorth ShieldsCommun-E-cateESF £89,495
North EastSunderlandIntegration 4 Asylum SeekersESF £135,534
North EastSunderlandCommunity LearningESF £57,063
North EastHartlepoolWeb Academy FoundationESF £12,335
North EastHartlepoolWeb Academy HigherESF £11,873
North EastSunderlandBusiness TrainingESF £260,000
North EastHartlepoolFoundation DegreesESF £214,673
North EastSouth ShieldsSkills for Success IIESF £12,794
North EastSouth ShieldsLingua Training for WomenESF £8,482
North EastHartlepoolEmployment Action CentreESF £41,500
North EastHartlepoolHVDA Capacity BuildingERDF £215,100
North EastHartlepoolOwton Manor Training PartnershipESF £181,155
North EastHartlepoolCommunity Promotion and Marketing ProjectERDF £220,000
North EastHartlepoolPre Vocational TrainingESF £52,100
North EastHartlepoolCommunity Capacity BuildingERDF £100,000
North EastHartlepoolCommunity Enterprise SupportERDF £50,000
North EastHartlepoolJobs BuildESF £49,600
North EastHartlepoolHartlepool Apprentices—Stage IIESF £38,700
North EastHartlepoolTargeted TrainingESF £56,842
North EastHartlepoolICT Learning CentresERDF £451,000
North EastHartlepoolMoney Wise Community BankingERDF £50,000
North EastHartlepoolVocational Skills TrainingESF £45,800
North EastHartlepoolTraining of Advice WorkersESF £35,500
North EastHartlepoolWest View Community Learning CentreERDF £23,000
North EastHartlepoolAMPERDF £22,000
North EastHartlepoolICT Vocational Skills TrainingESF £44,200
North EastHartlepoolVolunteer Initiative ProjectESF £238,594
North EastHartlepoolICT Improving EmployabilityESF £188,950
North EastSouth TynesideSt Hilda's Outreach Centre—Phase 1ERDF £54,000
North EastSouth TynesideCleadon Park InitiativeESF £38,062
North EastSouth TynesideTraining Programme in Care WorkESF £4,500
North EastSouth TynesideRegina ProjectESF £113,688
North EastSouth TynesidePackage Co-ordination and Capacity BuildingERDF £36,565
North EastSouth TynesideSocial and Community Enterprise LtdERDF £88,963
North EastSouth TynesideRevitalising RekendykeESF £98,995
North EastSouth TynesideSure Start All Saints CentreERDF £100,000
North EastSouth TynesideSouth Tyneside Peer ProjectESF £34,342
North EastSouth TynesideSimonside Neighbourhood InitiativeESF £65,865
North EastSouth TynesideCommunity Recycling InitiativeESF £122,751
North EastSouth TynesideUrban Fringe ILMESF £94,342
North EastSunderlandCED Capacity/Co-ordination Phase 2 2000–2003ERDF £69,115
North EastSunderlandHendon Community Recycling UnitERDF £125,210
North EastSunderlandBasic Skills Targeted CommunitiesESF £76,532
North EastSunderlandILM PennywellERDF £129,310
North EastSunderlandTraining for EmployabilityESF £79,368
North EastSunderlandEmployment Opportunities in N. SunderlandESF £224,922
North EastSunderlandSt Marys and St Peters Community ProjectERDF £40,000
North EastSunderlandE Skills to EmploymentESF £228,310
North EastSunderlandTraining Opportunities ProjectESF £67,577
North EastSunderlandBusn and Schools Working TogetherESF £40,088
North EastSunderlandEnterprise for all in MillfieldERDF £18,000
North EastSunderlandGuidance & CounsellingESFD £37,588
North EastSunderlandCall Centre TrainingESF £75,492
North EastSunderlandBusiness TrainingESF £55,475
North EastSunderlandGates Electronic Village HallERDF £24,500
North EastSunderlandTraining Centre for the CommunityERDF £24,427
North EastSunderlandConstruction Skills Learning CentreERDF £150,000
North EastSunderlandCommunity Resources for FarringdonERDF £51,709
North EastSunderlandGates Electronic Village HallESF £54,978
North EastSunderlandSkills and LinkagesESF £197,639
North EastSunderlandA19 Youth Action CentreERDF £110,000
North EastNorth TynesideResource Centre Balcony ProjectERDF £28,174
North EastNorth TynesideSt Peter's CampusERDF £100,000
North EastNorth TynesideTarget Communities Package Co-ordination (core)ERDF £33,127
North EastNorth TynesideLongbentton Opportunity CentreERDF £215,000
North EastNorth TynesideExtended Learning OpportunitiesESF £101,257
North EastRedcar & ClevelandPackage Co-ordinationERDF £27,950
North EastRedcar & ClevelandJob Connect Intensive SupportESF £109,902
North EastRedcar & ClevelandThe Community Participation ProjectERDF £59,944
North EastRedcar & ClevelandVictim Support Rural AreasESF £16,617
North EastRedcar & ClevelandWest Redcar Community Development ProjectERDF £40,000
North EastRedcar & ClevelandFROG Community Audit CareERDF £38,272
North EastRedcar & ClevelandEast Cleveland Community Employment ProjectESF £19,578
North EastRedcar & ClevelandMoving Towards EmploymentESF £35,920
North EastRedcar & ClevelandICT Learning ProjectESF £19,430
North EastRedcar & ClevelandEducation for AllESF £110,409
North EastRedcar & ClevelandTees Valley Community Technologies CoreERDF £108,105
North EastRedcar & ClevelandViceroy One Stop Advice and Guidance Shop (Core)ERDF £19,780
North EastRedcar & ClevelandSkinningrove Iron Valley—PlacesERDF £9,000
North EastRedcar & ClevelandSkinningrove Iron Valley—PeopleESF £44,034
North EastRedcar & ClevelandSouth Gare EnhancementsERDF £37,688
South EastHastingsCreativity and Innovation Project Pilot (Main)ERDF £29,000
South EastThanetEncouraging Social Inclusion (Main)ERDF £26,400
South EastHastingsSmall Business Support (Revenue)ERDF £102,853
South EastThanetCommunity Advice, Liaison and Mediation (Main)ERDF £44,850
South EastHastingsHastings Accommodation Upgrade Scheme (Space to stay)ERDF £375,000
South EastThanetBusiness Networks and Cross Working (Main)ERDF £78,820
South EastThanetEventsERDF £150,000
South EastThanetRamsgate Renaissance (Transitional)ERDF £171,320
South EastThanetWaterfront Proposals MargateERDF £183,500
South EastThanetWaterfront Proposals RamsgateERDF £30,000
South EastThanetThanet Museum StrategyERDF £170,000
South EastThanetGreen Tourism StrategyERDF £140,000
South EastHastingsTown Centre Improvement ProgrammeERDF £187,000
South EastThanetThanet Tourism Grant SchemeERDF £175,000
South EastThanetMargate Harbour and Turner Centre (Main)ERDF £220,000
South EastThanetCommunity Development Trust Strategic Management (Transitional)ERDF £84,000
South EastThanetCommunity Resource Centre Development Programme (Transitional)ERDF £37,000
South EastThanetCommunity Resource Centre Development Programme (Main)ERDF £41,000
South EastThanetNeighbourhood ForumERDF £190,000
South EastThanetCommunity Development Trust Strategic Management (Main)ERDF £126,000
South EastThanetCommunity Advice, Liaison and Mediation (Transitional)ERDF £29,900
South EastHastingsThe Stade Net Shops RecoveryERDF £94,530
South EastThanetEducational and Media Initiative (Main)ERDF £75,100
South EastThanetEmpty Properties and Public PlacesERDF £72,751
South EastHastingsIncreased Community ParticipationERDF £452,507
South EastHastingsCommunity FacilityERDF £150,000
South EastThanetBusiness Networks and Cross Working (Transitional)ERDF £81,180
South EastThanetViking Bay EnhancementERDF £313,000
South EastThanetMargate Pedestrian ConnectionERDF £450,000
South EastThanetOrganisation and Development Fund (Main)ERDF £81,000
South EastThanetConnectivity and Information (Transitional)ERDF £68,000
South EastThanetOrganisation and Development Fund (Transitional)ERDF £100,000
South EastThanetMarketing and Communications (Transitional)ERDF £63,751
South EastThanetThanet Campus Phase 2ERDF £700,000
South EastThanetEncouraging Social Inclusion (Transitional)ERDF £128,750
South EastThanetThanet Innovation CentreERDF £1,300,000
South EastThanetThanet Community Enterprise and Training CentreERDF £84,675
South EastHastingsTA/SE Objective 2 Support ProgrammeERDF £20,812
South EastHastingsSmall Business Support (Capital)ERDF £278,134
South EastThanetThanet Community Enterprise and Training CentreERDF £143,000
South EastThanetThanet Business Support Strategy: Delivery ProgrammeERDF £489,830
South EastThanetThanet Business Support Strategy: Delivery ProgrammeERDF £620,000
South EastKentSpatial Development (Trans)ERDF £1,004,166
South EastHastingsPelham BoulevardERDF £450,000
South EastKentSpatial Development (Main)ERDF £235,545
South EastHastingsHastings Sustainable Business PartnershipERDF £23,942
South EastThanetThanet Business Support Strategy: Delivery ProgrammeERDF £175,721
South EastThanetThanet Business Support Strategy: Delivery ProgrammeERDF £303,667
South EastThanetSure Start Thanet Millmead ProjectERDF £125,000
South EastThanetStimulating Innovation and EnterpreneurshipERDF £123,534
South EastThanetSustainable Thanet TransitionalERDF £72,600
South EastThanetSustainable Thanet MainERDF £48,400
South EastThanetAsset Base Development TransitionalERDF £6,600
South EastThanetLocal ProjectsERDF £63,195
South EastThanetLocal ProjectsERDF £42,125
South EastBrighton/DoverOCEAN IINTERREG IIIA ERDF £36,062
South EastE Sussex/KentBeaches at RiskINTERREG IIIA ERDF £450,461
South WestNewquayNewquay for Excellence—Better Business Quality£980,928
South WestNewquayNewquay for Excellence—Better Business Skills£355,600
South WestNewquayCoast£247,720
South WestFalmouthPonsharden Maritime Project, Pentryn£1,635,000
South WestFalmouthSure Start for Employment£93,075
South WestFalmouthAccess Online ICT Facility, Penryn£124,264
South WestBudeWork Works!£34,911
South WestSaltashSaltash Waterside—Phase 1£162,007
South WestSt AgnesSouth West Film Studios£2,018,800
South WestPenzanceDigital Peninsula Network£235,835
South WestPenzancePenwith Centre£199,779
South WestPenzancePenwith Rural Workspace£38,959
South WestNewlynFishing Harbour and Surrounding Area Regeneration Study£16,800
South WestSt Marys'The Specific Project for Agriculture in Scilly£297,468
South WestIsles of ScillyTourism Champion£169,000
South WestPorthlevenPorthleven Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan£12,500
South WestMullionThe Poldhu Marconi Centre£159,301
South WestKynance CoveDeveloping the Public Product£308,000
South WestLooeCommunity Computer and Business Centre£109,225
South WestLooeOuter Harbour—Pre-Feasibility Study£15,000
South WestLooeImprovement of Fishing Port Facilities£89,451
South WestPolperroImprovement of Fishing Port Facilities£13,721
South WestTintagelTintagel Regeneration£781,416
South WestSt KeverneToppenrose Dairy£50,402
South WestTorbayTorbay Harbour Area Regeneration Phase IERDF £1,556,533
South WestTorbayPaignton Zoo Living Coast ProjectERDF £1,702,420
South WestTorbaySupply Chain Management for Tourism SMEsERDF £103,900
South WestTorbayDestination South WestERDF £45,686
South WestTorbayTorquay Community Development ProjectERDF £87,407
South WestTorbayTorbay Foyer ERDF £462,042
South WestPlymouthNational Marine Aquarium Ocean Discovery Zone additional funds (in addition to £1,974,450 offered in 2001)ERDF £51,250
South WestTorbayPlymouth Neighbourhood Renewal StrategyERDF £213,464
South WestPlymouthStonehouse and Millbay Neighbourhood Regeneration ProjectERDF £511,863
South WestPlymouthRenew South West, White Goods Recycling in SuttonERDF £59,750
South WestPlymouthPlymouth WorkrouteESF £205,136
South WestNorth Devon, inc Appledore, Ilfracombe and Westward Ho!Capacity Building for RegenerationERDF £158,813

(1) The Sefton Integrated Tourism Initiative (Phase 2) project covers all of Sefton and Merseyside but the majority of the project will be targeted at Southport as this is the major tourism area in Sefton. The grant shown above is for the project as a whole.

(2) The Merseyside Festival of Golf is split between the major golf courses in the Southport area and also courses on the Wirral. The grant shown is for the project as a whole.

(3) The Southport Seafront Action Plan project has been approved in principle but has not yet had an offer letter.

General note: Some projects are area-based and, although they do not name a seaside resort, it is intended that one or more resorts should benefit from the ERDF/ESF approval.

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA213

8 Jan 2003 : Column WA213

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