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Iran: Arms Embargo

Lord Woolmer of Leeds asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Amos: The Government have recently issued a licence for the export of synchros to be used as an inspection tool on Tay 650 engines used to power Fokker 100 aircraft. These synchros were made as military electronic equipment. However, the Government are satisfied that these synchros are to be used only for the upkeep of the Fokker 100, a civil aircraft. The risk of these goods being diverted for use by the Iranian military is minimal.

EC Regulations

Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister for Trade (Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean): EC regulations are, in general, directly applicable in the member states, without the need for further incorporation into national law. However, some regulations require UK measures to make them workable and enforceable. It would incur

13 Jan 2003 : Column WA14

disproportionate cost to identify the number of regulations enacted at the time of the UK's accession to the European Community.

Some regulations enact small or technical amendments. Others may have been repealed since their enactment. As far as we have been able to verify, the number of regulations enacted since the UK's accession are as follows:

    1973: 3,616

    1974: 3,331

    1975: 3,426

    1976: 3,237

    1977: 3,026

    1978: 3,181

    1979: 3,074

    1980: 3.565

    1981: 3,827

    1982: 3,633

    1983: 3,762

    1984: 3,723

    1985: 3,836

    1986: 4,137

    1987: 4,189

    1988: 4,283

    1989: 4,064

    1990: 3,944

    1991: 3,925

    1992: 3,956

    1993: 3,699

    1994: 3,385

    1995: 3,096

    1996: 2,525

    1997: 2,653

    1998: 2,866

    1999: 2,820

    2000: 2,909

    2001: 2,611

    2002 (up to August): 1,512

Given the volume of regulations involved, it would incur disproportionate cost to place in the Library the reference numbers, names and year of application of each of the regulations.

Iran: Nuclear Activities

Lord Avebury asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What information they have received from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about the alleged construction of clandestine nuclear fuel cycle facilities at Natanz and Kashan; why the visit by IAEA Director-General General Mohammed El Baradei scheduled for the week of 12 December was postponed; and whether they wil remind Iran of its obligation under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation

13 Jan 2003 : Column WA15

    Treaty to allow inspection by the IAEA of all of its nuclear activities.[HL789]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: The IAEA is seeking clarification of the allegations with the Iranian authorities before reporting to member states. We understand that Dr El Baradei's visit was postponed at the request of the Iranian authorities but is now due to take place in February.

The UK regularly reminds Iran both of its existing obligations under the NPT and the need to strengthen them further by signing an additional protocol to its safeguards agreement with the IAEA.

EU Englargement

Lord Pearson of Rannoch asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Further to the Answer by the Lord Privy Seal on 16 December (HL Deb, cols 477–478), whether, as stated in the Sunday Telegraph on 15 December, members of the political classes in the nations applying to join the European Union stand to increase their salaries 20 times if they can get a job in Brussels after accession; and, if so, whether they consider that this prospect may colour the attitude of those negotiators to the desirability of European Union membership.[HL801]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: I have nothing to add to the Answer given by the Lord Privy Seal. The Government believe that the enlargement of the EU will benefit the citizens of the new and existing member states.

European Union: Forthcoming Council Business

Lord Dubs asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What is the forthcoming business in the Council of the European Union for January; and what are the major European Union events for the period between 1 February and 31 July 2003. [HL871]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: Business in the Council of the European Union, January–July 2003

9—Brussels—Meeting of the Presidium

9—Brussels—Agriculture & Fisheries Council (to be confirmed)

16—Brussels—Meeting of the Presidium

20—Brussels—EUROGROUP (Evening)

20—Brussels—Convention Plenary

20–21—Brussels—Agriculture & Fisheries Council


24—Nafplion—Employment Council (Ministerial informal)

27–28—Brussels—General Affairs & External Relations Council

13 Jan 2003 : Column WA16

28—Brussels—EU-ASEAN Ministerial

30—Brussels—Meeting of the Presidium

European Calendar: February–July 2003

February 2003
5BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
6–7BrusselsConvention Plenary
10–11BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (tbc)
13BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
17BrusselsEUROGROUP (evening)
20BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council (tbc)
22ThessalonikiEnergy Council (Ministerial informal)
24–25BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council Agriculture & Fisheries
26BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
27–28BrusselsConvention Plenary
27–28BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
28BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
March 2003
1–2IoanninaInformal Education
3BrusselsCompetitiveness Council
4BrusselsEnvironment Council
6BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
6LuxembourgEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
6LuxembourgEUROGROUP (evening)
7LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
13BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
14–15AthensInformal Defence Meeting
17–18BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18LuxembourgAgriculture & Fisheries Council
18–19LuxembourgGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council
21BrusselsEuropean Council
27BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
27–28LuxembourgTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
27–28AthensEU-Rio Group, EU-MERCOSUR
28–29VeriaInformal Justice & Home Affairs
31BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council (tbc)
April 2003
2BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
3–4BrusselsConvention Plenary
4BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs
4–6Hania (Crete)Informal ECOFIN (Ministerial)
5LisbonEurope—Africa Summit
5IoanninaMinisterial Meeting on Education (Informal)
10BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
11–13ChaniaECOFIN (Informal)
14BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
14BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries
16AthensEuropean Conference
16AthensSignature Of The Accession (Provisional date)
23BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
24–25BrusselsConvention Plenary
May 2003
2–4(Greece)Gymnich (Informal Foreign Ministers)
5AthensInformal Environment (Ministerial)
5–6BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council (tbc)
8BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
12–13CorfuAgriculture (Ministerial informal)
14BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
14BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
15–16BrusselsConvention Plenary
16BrusselsEU—ACP Ministerial
16–17HalkidikiInformal Regional Policy (Ministerial)
16-18Cruise off GreeceInformal Transport & Merchant Marine (Ministerial)
17BrusselsEU—W. Balkans (Zagreb Process)
19BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations (+ Defence)
20BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
22BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
24ThessalonikiInformal Culture (Ministerial)
26–27BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
26–27AthensEUROMED Conference (mid- term (Ministerial)
27BrusselsEnvironment Council
28BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
30–31BrusselsConvention Plenary
31St. PetersburgEU—Russia Summit
June 2003
2–3AlexandroupoliDevelopment Co-operation (Ministerial informal)
2–3BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
4BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
5–6BrusselsConvention Plenary
5–6BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
5–6BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
6RhodesInformal Public Administration
11BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
11–12BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
12–13BrusselsConvention Plenary
17–18BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
20HalkidikiEuropean Council
21HalkidikiZagreb Process II Summit
22BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
24BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
July 2003
10VareseInformal Council/Troika
11–12VareseInformal Council of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs
17TrevisoInformal Meeting of the EU Employment Committee
21RomeMeeting of MISEP focal points (Mutual Information System on Employment Policies in Europe)
24MilanEuropean Conference on Discrimination

13 Jan 2003 : Column WA18

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