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UK/China Human Rights Dialogue

Lord Avebury asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister for Trade (Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean): The May round of the UK/China Human Rights Dialogue has been postponed due to SARS. New dates have yet to be agreed.

On the UN Special Rapporteur on the Freedom of Religion, I refer the noble Lord to the Answer my noble friend Lady Amos gave to his Question on this subject on 5 February (Official Report, col. WA 33).

European Union: Forthcoming Business

Lord Brookman asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: Forthcoming Business in the Council of the European Union, June-December 2003:

2–3BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs
2–3AlexandroupolisDevelopment Co-operation (Ministerial Informal)
4BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
5–6BrusselsConvention Plenary
5–6BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
5–6BrusselsJustice & Home Affairs Council
6RhodesPublic Administration (Ministerial Informal)
9LondonChancellor's statement to the House of Commons on the UK's euro decision
11BrusselsMeeting of the Presidium
11–12BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
12–13BrusselsConvention Plenary
13BrusselsEnvironment Council
17–18LuxembourgGeneral Affairs & External Relations
20HalkidikiEuropean Council
21HalkidikiZagreb II Summit
24BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations (GAERC)
2–3RomeResearch (Ministerial Informal)
4–5NaplesTransport Infrastructure (Ministerial Informal)
6PalermoTrade (Ministerial Informal)
11–12VareseEmployment & Social Policy (Informal Council)
17–18TrevisoEU Employment Committee (Informal)
18–20MontecatiniEnergy & Environment (Ministerial Informal)
22–23BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
22BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
24–25MilanEuropean Conference on Discrimination
25–26RomeCompetitiveness (Informal Ministerial)
25–26VeronaEducation (+Research?) (Ministerial Informal)
No Meetings Planned
3–4ViterboTelecommunications (Ministerial Informal)
5–6Riva del GardaGymnich (Informal Foreign Affairs)
7–9TaorminaAgriculture (Informal Council)
12–13StresaECOFIN (Informal Council)
19–20RomeJustice & Internal Affairs (Informal Council)
22–23BrusselsCompetition (Internal Market, Industry & Research)
26–27EriceCommunity Regional Cohesion Policy (Ministerial Informal)
29–30BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
29–30BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
2–3BrusselsJustice & Internal Affairs
3–4RomeDefense (Ministerial Informal)
9–10BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
13–14BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council (GAERC)
13–14BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
16–17BrusselsEuropean Council
20–21BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs Council
27BrusselsEnvironment Council
6BrusselsJustice & Internal Affairs (Informal Council—to be confirmed)
17–18BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations
17–18BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
24–25BrusselsEducation, Youth & Culture Council
27–28BrusselsJustice & Internal Affairs (Informal Council)
1–2NaplesEuromed Meeting
1–2BrusselsEmployment, Social Policy, Health & Consumer Affairs
1–12MilanClimate & Sustainable Development Conference
4–5BrusselsTransport, Telecom & Energy Council
4–5RomeClosing Conference for the European Year of the Disabled
8–9BrusselsGeneral Affairs & External Relations Council (GAERC)
12–13BrusselsEuropean Council
15–17BrusselsAgriculture & Fisheries Council
17–18BrusselsEnvironment Council

2 Jun 2003 : Column WA117

Electronic Communications (Market Analysis) Regulations 2003

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether the definition of "market" in the Electronic Communications (Market Analysis) Regulations 2003 (S.I. 2003/330) includes the provision of services to educational establishments and the National Health Service.[HL2781]

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Trade and Industry (Lord Sainsbury of Turville): In accordance with Regulation 5(2) of the Electronic Communications (Market Analysis) Regulations 2003 (S.I. 2003/330) the identification of markets must take due account of recommendations and guidelines issued by the European Commission. The first such recommendation (made on 11 February 2003) does not identify the NHS and educational establishments as specific markets. However many aspects of the provision of electronic communications networks, electronic communications services and associated facilities to educational establishments and the National Health Service are likely to fall within one or more of the markets identified in the recommendation.

Nuclear Industries Security Regulations 2003

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether the definition of "responsible person" in the Nuclear Industries Security Regulations 2003 (S.I. 2003/403) could include a person who is not a director of the company involved.[HL2782]

Lord Sainsbury of Turville: Regulation 2(2) and 2(3) define who is "the responsible person" in relation to any nuclear premises which is defined in Regulation 2(1) to cover three types of premises. Who is the responsible person depends on the type of premises.

The responsible person in relation to the first type of "nuclear premises" (namely a licensed nuclear site on which nuclear material or other radioactive material is used or stored) is the holder of the nuclear site licence. Under the Nuclear Installation Act 1965 such a licence can only be granted to a body corporate. Therefore, the responsible person will be a body corporate (and not a company director).

2 Jun 2003 : Column WA118

The responsible person in relation to the second and third types of "nuclear premises" is the person using or storing the material in question on the premises—that is the person on whose behalf the material is used or stored, and not that person's employees, officers or contractors. Therefore, if a company is using or storing the material, the company (and not its directors) will be the responsible person.

Energy Crops

Baroness Byford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What current acreage of energy crops are being grown for use by electricity generators; whether a target amount has been set, and by which year.[HL2908]

Lord Sainsbury of Turville: So far 1,768 hectares of energy crops have been planted for the production of renewable energy (including for heat as well as electricity). While no targets have been set for either the planting of energy crops or for the contribution of individual renewable energy sources, such as energy crops, the Government have set a target that 10 per cent of electricity will be generated from renewable sources by 2010.

Renewables Obligation: Wood Panel Industry

Baroness Byford asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether they are considering applying the renewables obligation conditions to the wood panel industry.[HL2909]

Lord Sainsbury of Turville: No. The renewables obligation requires electricity suppliers in Great Britain to supply a specified and growing proportion of their electricity from renewable sources. Suppliers are expected to produce 10.4 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2010–11 and have three ways in which to comply with the obligation: through supplying eligible renewables electricity to customers in Great Britain; buying renewable obligation certificates independently of the power that gave rise to their issue; and/or paying a buy-out price to Ofgem rather than supplying renewables electricity.

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