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Chechnya: Human Rights

Lord Judd asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: We have repeatedly stressed the urgent need for the thorough, transparent and effective investigation of human rights violations in Chechnya, and for the prosecution and punishment of those responsible. The issues of ill treatment and torture were raised at our bilateral human rights talks in March 2003. We have emphasised that the failure to deal with this problem risks undermining Russian efforts to initiate a political process in the republic, and the prospects for securing a lasting solution to the conflict in Chechnya.

Togo: EU Relations

Lord Maclennan of Rogart asked Her Majesty's Government:

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: We remain deeply worried about poor governance in Togo and have been active in ensuring that EU policy takes full account of this. We supported the most recent EU

8 Sept 2003 : Column WA19

statement issued on 4 July, which highlighted serious concerns about events during the run-up to the 1 June elections, their conduct and subsequent events. The statement also called on the Togolese Government to commit themselves to an effective inter-Togolese dialogue.

EU aid to Togo has been suspended since 1993. We believe that the Togolese authorities need to take positive action to promote democratic principles before EU aid is resumed.

US Senate and House of Representatives: Members' Passports

Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether any inquiries have been made in the past five years by any staff members of Her Majesty's Embassy in Washington about the numbers of members of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives holding valid passports for foreign travel; and, if so, what results the inquiries revealed. [HL4211]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: We have found no record of any formal inquiries of this nature in the past five years.

Iraq: Political and Physical Reconstruction

Lord Vivian asked Her Majesty's Government:

    When the British and United States Governments will produce a coherent plan, with a clear timetable, for the political and physical reconstruction of Iraq.[HL4218]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: Coalition plans for political and physical rehabilitation are as follows:

The Iraqi Governing Council formed on 13 July is the principal element of the interim administration called for in Resolution 1483 and has been welcomed by the UN. The council has significant powers that will increase over time. An early task for the council is to determine how a new constitution should be prepared. Once adopted, it will pave the way for elections and an internationally recognised representative Iraqi Government to which the coalition will hand over its powers and responsibilities.

Our immediate priorities in securing the physical reconstruction of Iraq are the restoration of law and order and ensuring that basic public services are returned to a fully functioning state. The Iraqi police force is up and running and conducting patrols with coalition military and we are working on the rebuilding of a new Iraqi army. We are also working with the Iraqi ministries to enable them to improve on the social and physical infrastructure of Iraq and develop a robust economic policy, which will empower the Iraqi people to manage their own free market democracy.

8 Sept 2003 : Column WA20

Timing of both the political process and of reconstruction will depend on how quickly the interim administration can take these issues forward, with coalition/UN help.

Lord Vivian asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What the Bremer administration is doing to restore the Iraqi police force, civil service, judiciary, armed forces and customs services; and what resources the Bremer administration has in Iraq to achieve these tasks.[HL4220]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) is working with the United Nations and the international community on all aspects of the reconstruction of Iraq, as called for in United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1483.

We are making progress. The Iraqi police force is up and running and conducting patrols with the coalition military. Prisons and courts are open to try those arrested. The new Iraqi army has started recruiting with the aim of recruiting and training a 40,000 strong force in the next two years. The CPA is working with 19 Iraqi ministries, including on the immigration and customs side, and civil servants are returning to work.

To pay for the reconstruction process, UNSCR 1483 enables the CPA to draw from the oil revenues and seized Iraqi assets transferred to the Development Fund for Iraq. The UK and other international contributors have also committed resources and specialists to help in the reconstruction process.

Lord Vivian asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What resources Ambassador Bremer possesses to conduct the government of Iraq efficiently and effectively; what funds this requires; and where those funds will come from.[HL4221]

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: Ambassador Bremer has a staff of around 1,200 secondees.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 enables the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to draw from the oil revenues and seized Iraqi assets transferred to the Development Fund for Iraq in order to pay for public expenditure in Iraq. The interim 2003 budget for Iraq makes provision for the restoration and upgrading of the administrative infrastructure of Iraq, in addition to the payment of public sector wages. Details of the budget for 2003 are available on the CPA website at

The 2004 Budget will be drawn up by the Iraqi Governing Council, formed on 13 July, together with the CPA and representatives of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme. The Governing Council also has the right to consider substantial amendments to the 2003 interim budget.

8 Sept 2003 : Column WA21

Small Retailers

Lord Hogg of Cumbernauld asked Her Majesty's Government:

    What plans they have to assist small retailers in deprived areas to improve the security of their business in the current year.[HL3437]

The Minister of State, Home Office (Baroness Scotland of Asthal): We are pleased to announce today the specific projects which will receive funding from the 2003–04 allocation from the Capital Modernisation Fund to assist small retailers in deprived areas to improve the security of their business.

Some £5.8 million has been distributed to regions in England and Wales according to the formula based on an equal share for each region, crimes impacting on retailers and percentage of people living in the most deprived wards. The remaining £200,000 of the third year funding has been set aside for administration and evaluation.

This year's funding will provide assistance to a minimum of 5,000 individual retailers and essential businesses. As in previous years, this funding will be spent on schemes identified by regional Home Office directors, in conjunction with crime and disorder reduction partnerships and a variety of interventions will be employed, including enhancing the security of individual premises and improving the environment of shopping parades. This will mean that over the 3 years of the initiative, since 2001, over 12,500 individual shops units will have directly benefitted from improved security measures.

We have placed in the Library a paper showing the allocations of funds to individual projects. The Home Secretary has also written to honourable Members in England and Wales who have projects in their constituencies.

Small Retailers in Deprived Areas: Specific Sites to Benefit From Year Three Funding (2003–04)

Name of SchemeFunding (£)
Eastern Region
Shedding Light on Retail Crime in Basildon27,405
St Andrews Retail Project, Colchester21,202
Wisbech North Ward, Fenland, Cambridgeshire*21,202
Operation Shop Safe, Great Yarmouth58,416
Safer Gaywood Project, King's Lynn33,607
Biscot and Dallow Small Retails Project, Luton27,405
Kingsbrook Small Retailers Initiative, North Bedfordshire21,202
Norwich SRDA 2003–04 (2 Schemes)27,405
Peterborough Supports Small Retailers (3 Sites)33,607
Bedwell and Rockingham Way Shops, Stevenage21,202
Clacton Small Shop Scheme33,607
Thurrock Assisting Small Retailers27,405
Britten Centre & Battery Green Multi-Storey Car Park Safety and Environment Improvements Projects, Waveney39,810
East Midlands
Leicester Retail Crime Initiative75,000
Nottingham Retail Crime Initiative111,000
Bolsover Retail Crime Initiative75,000
Bassetlaw Retail Crime Initiative15,000
Derby Retail Crime Initiative40,000
Mansfield Retail Crime Initiative40,000
Erewash Retail Crime Initiative10,000
Chesterfield Retail Crime Initiative10,000
East Lindsay Retail Crime Initiative45,000
Ashfield Retail Crime Initiative10,000
Newark and Sherwood Retail Crime Initiative10,000
West Lindsay Retail Crime Initiative10,000
North East Derbyshire Retail Crime Initiative10,000
South Kesteven Retail Crime Initiative10,000
Gale Street Lighting, Barking and Dagenham25,544
Brent Target Hardening Scheme34,587
Camden Small Retailers Initiative57,194
Retail Crime Reduction & Regeneration Project, Croydon*16,501
Ealing Small Retailers Project16,501
Enfield Small Retailers in Deprived Areas30,065
Greenwich Small Retailers57,194
Hackney Target Hardening Scheme114,000
Hammersmith and Fulham CCTV Scheme21,023
Haringey Target Hardening Scheme57,672
Islington Radio Scheme66,236
Kensington & Chelsea Small Retailers Project21,023
Lambeth Small Retailers Project25,544
Shop Security Radio Scheme, Lewisham30,065
Newham Small Retailers Scheme*115,971
Southwark Small Retailers79,800
Tower Hamlets Shops Scheme93,534
Waltham Forest Small Retailers Scheme30,065
Westminster Small Retailers 2003–0421,023
North East
Alnwick Small Retailers Scheme10,000
Seahouses CCTV Scheme & Berwick upon Tweed Fraud Prevention Scheme10,000
Business Crime Reduction Project, Blyth Valley20,000
Castle Morpeth CCTV Scheme*10,000
Small Retailer Scheme, Gateshead24,000
Newcastle City Retailers35,000
North Tyneside Small Retailers Project20,000
South Tyneside CCTV Scheme35,000
Digital Camera Safe Project, Sunderland35,000
Tynedale Small Retailers Scheme*10,000
Retail Crime Initiative, Wansbeck20,000
Small Retailers Initiative, Derwentside20,000
City of Durham Small Retailers Crime Prevention Scheme10,000
Sedgefield Shop Fronts20,000
Creating Safer Shops in Chester West and Grange Villa, Chester-le-Street10,000
Small Retailers CCTV Scheme, Darlington20,000
Billingham Shops Improvement Project, Stockton35,000
Teesdale Safer Retailers10,000
Wear Valley Safer Retailers Initiative*24,000
Shop Watching, Easington35,000
Whale Hill Shopping Centre, Eston, Redcar24,000
Assisting Small Retailers, Middlesbrough35,000
Hartlepool CCTV24,000
North West
Ellesmere Port and Neston Small Retailers Scheme21,857
Warrington Security Fencing Scheme14,743
Macclesfield Radio Equipment10,000
Chester Radio Scheme and Improvements14,743
Congleton CCTV Retailers Scheme10,000
Halton Security Grants33,713
Vale Royal Security Improvements12,371
West Street Small Retailers Scheme, Crewe and Nantwich*12,371
Eden/Carlisle Small Retailers Scheme22,371
South Lakeland Small Retailers 2003–0410,000
Central Barrow Retailers24,228
Shop Security Initiative 2003–04 Allerdale and Copeland Areas41,342
Bury Retail Security Initiative12,371
Mocha Parade, Broughton, Salford15,000
Whittle Street, Salford10,000
Individual Repeat Victims, Salford6,342
Gorton Villa Shops, Manchester37,000
Brunswick Street, Ardwick37,026
Newport Street, Bolton26,599
South Trafford Small Business Security7,372
Canterbury Road, Trafford7,371
Hyde (Godley) CCTV, Thameside14,743
Rochdale Small Retailers in Deprived Areas Project28,971
Oldham Small Retailers Scheme26,599
Reddish District Centre, Stockport12,371
Smithy Green CCTV System, Wigan19,485
Burnley Small Retailer Scheme19,485
Small Retailers in Deprived Areas, Pendle26,599
Eaves Lane CCTV System, Chorley10,000
Target Hardening/Takeaway Watch, Rossendale10,000
Small Retailers in Ribble Valley 2003–0410,000
Royal Avenue Small Retailers Project, South Ribble10,000
Inner Preston Retail Crime Initiative24,228
Blackburn with Darwen Small Retailers Scheme33,713
Small Retailers Loud and Clear, Hyndburn19,485
Fylde Retail Crime Initiative10,000
Blackpool Small Retailers Initiative 2003 (3 Projects)26,599
Digmoor Parade, Skelmerdale19,485
Operation Re-Glaze, Wyre14,743
Target Hardening, Lancaster (2 Projects)17,114
Kennelwood Avenue Shops Security Project, Knowsley27,620
Kirby Town Centre Radio Link, Knowsley13,014
Old Farm Road Shops, Knowsley12,050
St Helens Small Retailers Security Project 2003–0426,599
Neighbourhood Shops CCTV Initiative, Sefton28,971
Old Chester Road/Rock Lane West Retailers Safety Project, Wirral12,114
Twickenham Drive Retailers Safety Project, Wirral12,114
Liverpool CDRP (CitySafe) Scargreen Avenue Alleygate Project15,000
Muirhead Avenue/Eaton Road North Security Project, Liverpool15,283
Muirhead Avenue Alleygate Project, Liverpool10,000
Breck Road Radio Link, Liverpool16,000
Broadway Shooping Centre Radio Link, Liverpool13,000
South East
Britwell and Others, Slough*50,000
Blackbird Leys and Barton, Oxford*150,000
Temple Hill, Dartford*25,000
Westbrook Traders CCTV Scheme, Thanet*70,000
Community Safety Improvements for Redbridge Retailers, Southampton20,000
The Botley Drive Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, Havant20,000
Battle Road Business & Retail Security, Hastings20,000
Kestrel Retailers Safety Project, Medway20,000
Old High Street—Crime Reduction Initiative, Shepway47,580
Central Whitehawk Shops, Brighton & Hove20,000
Kingsley Road Post Office, Maidstone6,000
Somerstown Retailers Initiative, Portsmouth35,000
Buckland Retailers Initiative, Portsmouth10,000
South West
Bristol Filwood Small Retailers Scheme*64,770
Kerrier Small Retailers Scheme*51,810
North Somerset Small Retailers 2003–04*25,906
Project 'Open All Hours', Plymouth38,860
West Cornwall Community Safety Team Small Retailers 2003–0438,860
Year 3 Penhill—Hannington Close Parade—Crime Reduction36,000
Boscombe Traders Project, Bournemouth16,790
Small Business Security Support Scheme, Gloucester25,906
Community Retail Initiative—North Devon 2003–0425,906
Exeter Retail Crime Scheme (Fore Street)12,954
Small Retailers Scheme for Weymouth and Portland— Littlemoor Shopping Centre12,954
Penwerris Small Retailers Initiative 2003–04, Carrick12,954
Priorswood Place Security Improvements 2003–04, Taunton12,954
Westward Ho! Small Retailers Initiative12,954
Caernarfon Business Watch Scheme & Stryd Fawr, Deiniolen, Caernarfon21,150
Ceredigion Partnership Security Scheme38,396.50
Ynys Mon Radio Shopwatch Scheme, Anglesey20,000
Caerphilly Small Retailers Crime Reduction Project11,000
Plas Madoc Shops and Roads, Wrexham25,000
West Rhyl Retailer Group, Rhyl20,000
Ebbw Fach Crime Reduction Partnership, Blaenau Gwent15,000
Brecon CCTV Scheme, Powys20,000
Blaenymaes Shopping Area, Swansea25,000
Vale of Glamorgan Small Retailers18,273
Cardiff Small Retailers Project30,000
Pembrokeshire Small Retailers38,537.50
Rhondda Cynon Taff Small Retailers Initiative40,000
Safer Merthyr Tydfil Town Centre Retail Crime15,000
Broughton CCTV Scheme, Flintshire37,400
Neath Port Talbot Small Retailers6,500
West Midlands
Broomhill, Cannock*23,000
Dudley Safer Shopping*75,000
Walsall Retail Crime Initiative*70,000
Wolverhampton Neighbourhood Shop Watch*120,000
Operation Neon, Birmingham120,000
Camp Hill Retailers Phase 2, Nuneaton and Bedworth35,000
Stanton Road Shopping Centre Security Improvements, Coventry50,000
Severn Grove Regeneration Project, Wyre Forest20,000
Brookside Safety Partnership, Telford and Wrekin50,000
Hughes Avenue—Cross Heath Small Retailers Initiative, Newcastle under Lyme20,000
Sandwell Traders Association Retail Crime Initiative50,000
Solihull Security Improvements20,000
Congleton Road Shops13,182
Yorkshire and Humber
Barnsley Business Crime*72,927
Security for Shops, Bradford72,927
Small Retailer Security Programme, Calderdale24,309
Doncaster Small Retailers Scheme Phase 2*89,133
Hull Small Retailers Scheme81,030
Reducing Retail Crime and Disorder in Kirklees24,309
Leeds Deprived Areas Modernisation Scheme*56,721
Frodingham Road Radio Scheme, North Lincolnshire20,000
Scheme to Assist Small Retailers in Deprived Areas, North East Lincolnshire*24,309
Safer Shops Rotherham48,618
Eastfield High Street Crime Reduction, Scarborough*20,054
Sheffield First for Safety Small Retailers RD 2, Sheffield81,030
Wakefield Shopwatch Crime Prevention Initiative40,515

* Funding already agreed in 2003–04 as a 2-year project.

8 Sept 2003 : Column WA24

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