House of Lords Hansard Index for Volume 642—continued

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Guantanamo Bay Detainees:

    Question, [641] (27.11.02) WA45-6.

Guildford, Lord Bishop of:

    Angola, [642] (11.12.02) 310-12.

    Church of England (Pensions) Measure, Motion for Approval, [642] (10.12.02) 171-3.

    Courts Bill [HL], 2R, [642] (9.12.02) 55-7.

    Israel, Settlement Expansion, [641] (4.12.02) 1142.

    Peachell, Reverend David, Army Pension, [642] (11.12.02) 223.

    Synodical Government (Amendment) Measure, Motion for Approval, [642] (10.12.02) 169-70, 171.

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