House of Lords Hansard Index for Volume 642—continued

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Ulster-Scots Agency:

    Interim Chief Executive, Questions, [642] (16.12.02) WA79-80; (9.1.03) WA237.

Unenforced and Uncollected Fines:

    Question, [641] (28.11.02) WA68-70.

United Kingdom:

    Entrants, Medical Tests, Question, [641] (4.12.02) 1144-6.

    And EU, Sanctions, Question, [642] (19.12.02) WA142-3.

    Exports, Question, [642] (18.12.02) 653-5.

    Youth Parliament Manifesto and Agenda for Action 2000, Question, [642] (19.12.02) WA163.

University Finance:

    Motion (Lord Baker of Dorking), Withdrawn, [641] (27.11.02) 752-63, 784-856.

University Top-up Fees:

    Question, [641] (18.11.02) 141-3.

Updated Drug Strategy:

    Question, [641] (3.12.02) WA90-2.

Use of Irish in Official Business Guidance:

    Question, [642] (9.1.03) WA233.

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