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Public Appointments:

    Question, [642] (16.12.02) WA81-2.

Public Bills:

    Carry-Over, Question, [641] (19.11.02) 254-7.

Public Health Laboratories:

    Question, [642] (19.12.02) WA150-3.

Public Health Laboratory Service:

Public Sector Workers:

    London Weighting Allowances, Question, [642] (19.12.02) WA165.

Public Service Agreement Targets:

Public Services:

    Question, [643] (15.1.03) 201-3.

Public Services (Disruption) Bill [HL]:

    1R*, [641] (3.12.02) 1032; 2R, [642] (9.1.03) 1165-76; Motion for Approval (Lord Campbell of Alloway), [643] (13.1.03) 11.

Puttnam, Lord:

    Debate on the Address, [641] (20.11.02) 392-4.

    Royal Navy and RFA, Satellite Television, [641] (5.12.02) 1286.

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