House of Lords Hansard Index for Volume 648—continued

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Cultural Property:

    Offences, Question, [642] (7.1.03) WA187-8.

Culture Media Production:

    Question, [644] (10.2.03) WA93-4.

Cumberlege, Baroness:

    Birth Rate Plus, Question, [647] (7.5.03) WA141.

    Maternity Services, Motion, [643] (15.1.03) 267-71, 299, 300.

    Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill [HL], 2R, [648] (6.6.03) 1655-7.

    Primary Care Trusts, Specialised Services, Question, [644] (13.2.03) WA142.

Current Affairs:

    Question, [641] (19.11.02) 249-52.

Currie of Marylebone, Lord:

    Communications Bill, 2R, [646] (25.3.03) 682-5.

Custody Plus Scheme:

    Question, [642] (9.1.03) WA223.


    Question, [642] (9.12.02) WA8-9.


    Accession to EU, Question, [648] (13.5.03) WA28-9.

    British Sovereign Bases, Question, [645] (5.3.03) 810-12.

    Publication of UN Proposals, Question, [647] (8.5.03) WA146.

    UK Sovereign Bases, Question, [643] (14.1.03) 123-4.

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