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Full-time Equivalent Jobs:

    Question, [645] (14.3.03) WA207-8.

Functions of Traffic Wardens (Amendment) Order 2002:

    Motion for Approval (Lord Falconer of Thoroton), [641] (25.11.02) 613-17.

Funding of Political Parties:

    Question, [643] (22.1.03) WA99.

Funeral Services:

    Costs, Question, [647] (28.4.03) WA87-8.

Fur Farmers:

    Compensation, Question, [648] (15.5.03) 361-4.

Fur Farming (Prohibition) (Northern Ireland) Order 2002:

    Motion for Approval (Lord Williams of Mostyn), [642] (16.12.02) 512-13.


    Regional Assistance, Question, [644] (19.2.03) WA177.

Furniture Products Registered as Medical Devices:

    Question, [645] (14.3.03) WA212.

Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) Programme:

    Question, [645] (13.3.03) WA196.

Future Rapid Effect System and FV430 Vehicles:

    Question, [650] (4.7.03) WA149.

Fyfe of Fairfield, Lord:

    Corporate Governance, [645] (12.3.03) 1348-50.

    Crown Prosecution Service, Deaths in Custody, Question, [651] (16.7.03) WA120.

    Midlands Co-operative Society, Planning Decision, Question, [643] (23.1.03) WA117.

    Railways and Transport Safety Bill, Committee, [648] (19.5.03) GC18.

Fylingdales Early Warning Radar:

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