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Isle of Wight:

    Emergency Surgery Facilities, Question, [644] (19.2.03) 1132-5.

Islwyn, Lord:

    Bali, Terrorist Bombings, Question, [642] (11.12.02) WA37.

    Oil and Pipelines Agency, Quinquennial Review, Question, [653] (15.10.03) WA119.


    Contributions to UNWRA, Question, [651] (10.7.03) WA53.

    Israeli Defence Forces, Question, [648] (3.6.03) WA142.

    Security Fence, Question, [641] (4.12.02) WA107-8.

    Settlement Expansion, Question, [641] (4.12.02) 1140-4.

Israel and Gaza:

    Question, [648] (21.5.03) 831-4.

Israeli Embassy Bombing 1994:

    Question, [646] (31.3.03) WA89.

Israeli Incursions:

    UNRWA Representations, Question, [645] (14.3.03) WA216.

Israeli-Palestinian Dispute:

    Question, [647] (9.4.03) 220-2.

Israelis and Palestinians:

    Question, [645] (25.2.03) 119-22.

IT Disposal in Government Departments:

    Question, [649] (18.6.03) WA122.

Ivashkevich, Viktar:

    Question, [642] (17.12.02) WA90.

IVF Embryos:

    Fertility Treatment, Question, [643] (29.1.03) WA169-70.

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