House of Lords Journal 236 (Session 2002-03)

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Volume 236      

Friday 28 February 2003

The House met at eleven o’clock.

The following Lords Spiritual and Temporal were present:

Irvine of Lairg, L.
(Lord Chancellor)

Ackner, L.
Addington, L.
Ahmed, L.
Alli, L.
Ampthill, L.
Anelay of St Johns, B.
Ashley of Stoke, L.
Avebury, L.
Baker of Dorking, L.
Bassam of Brighton, L.
Beaumont of Whitley, L.
Berkeley, L.
Bhatia, L.
Biffen, L.
Blackburn, Bp.
Blatch, B.
Borrie, L.
Boston of Faversham, L.
Brabazon of Tara, L.
Brett, L.
Bridgeman, V.
Bridges, L.
Brooke of Alverthorpe, L.
Brookman, L.
Brooks of Tremorfa, L.
Brougham and Vaux, L.
Bruce of Donington, L.
Burlison, L.
Buscombe, B.
Byford, B.
Caithness, E.
Campbell of Alloway, L.
Campbell of Croy, L.
Campbell-Savours, L.
Carnegy of Lour, B.
Carter, L.
Chalfont, L.
Chandos, V.
Chorley, L.
Clarke Hampstead, L.
Clinton-Davis, L.
Coe, L.
Colwyn, L.
Condon, L.
Courtown, E.
Craigavon, V.
Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, B.
Dholakia, L.
Donoughue, L.
Dormand of Easington, L.
Dubs, L.
Eatwell, L.
Elder, L.
Elis-Thomas, L.
Elles, B.
Elliott of Morpeth, L.
Elton, L.
Erroll, E.
Evans of Parkside, L.
Evans of Temple Guiting, L.
Faulkner of Worcester, L.
Fitt, L.
Fookes, B.
Fraser of Carmyllie, L.
Freeman, L.
Freyberg, L.
Gale, B.
Gardner of Parkes, B.
Geraint, L.
Gladwin of Clee, L.
Goodhart, L.
Graham of Edmonton, L.
Gray of Contin, L.
Greengross, B.
Hamwee, B.
Harris of Haringey, L.
Harris of Richmond, B.
Harrison, L.
Haskel, L.
Hayman, B.
Hooper, B.
Hooson, L.
Howarth of Breckland, B.
Howe of Idlicote, B.
Howells of St. Davids, B.
Howie of Troon, L.
Hughes of Woodside, L.
Hunt of Chesterton, L.
Hunt of Wirral, L.
Janner of Braunstone, L.
Jellicoe, E.
King of West Bromwich, L.
Kirkhill, L.
Lamont of Lerwick, L.
Lea of Crondall, L.
Lester of Herne Hill, L.
Lipsey, L.
Liverpool, E.
Lucas, L.
Luke, L.
Lyell, L.
McColl of Dulwich, L.
McIntosh of Haringey, L.
MacKenzie of Culkein, L.
Mackenzie of Framwellgate, L.
McNally, L.
Manchester, Bp.
Marsh, L.
Massey of Darwen, B.
Mayhew of Twysden, L.
Merlyn-Rees, L.
Methuen, L.
Miller of Hendon, B.
Molyneaux of Killead, L.
Mowbray and Stourton, L.
Moynihan, L.
Murton of Lindisfarne, L.
Newton of Braintree, L.
Nicholson of Winterbourne, B.
Noakes, B.
Northover, B.
Ouseley, L.
Patel, L.
Paul, L.
Pearson of Rannoch, L.
Pendry, L.
Perry of Southwark, B.
Phillips of Sudbury, L.
Pilkington of Oxenford, L.
Pitkeathley, B.
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, L.
Portsmouth, Bp.
Powell of Bayswater, L.
Prashar, B.
Quirk, L.
Ramsay of Cartvale, B.
Randall of St. Budeaux, L.
Rawlings, B.
Razzall, L.
Rea, L.
Redesdale, L.
Rees, L.
Rendell of Babergh, B.
Renton, L.
Rix, L.
Rogan, L.
Roper, L.
Russell, E.
Russell-Johnston, L.
Sandberg, L.
Sawyer, L.
Scott of Needham Market, B.
Sharp of Guildford, B.
Shaw of Northstead, L.
Sheldon, L.
Shutt of Greetland, L.
Simon, V.
Simon of Glaisdale, L.
Slim, V.
Slynn of Hadley, L.
Smith of Clifton, L.
Smith of Gilmorehill, B.
Stern, B.
Stewartby, L.
Stone of Blackheath, L.
Strabolgi, L.
Strathclyde, L.
Swinfen, L.
Taylor of Blackburn, L.
Temple-Morris, L.
Tenby, V.
Thomas of Gwydir, L.
Thomas of Walliswood, B.
Thornton, B.
Tope, L.
Trumpington, B.
Turnberg, L.

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Volume 236

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Turner of Camden, B.
Vivian, L.
Walker of Doncaster, L.
Wallace of Saltaire, L.
Walpole, L.
Weatherill, L.
Whitaker, B.
Wigoder, L.
Wilcox, B.
Wilkins, B.
Williams of Crosby, B.
Williams of Elvel, L.
Williams of Mostyn, L.
Winchester, Bp.
Woolmer of Leeds, L.
Worcester, Bp.
Wright of Richmond, L.

PRAYERS were read by the Lord Bishop of Blackburn.


1.Command Paper—The following paper was presented to the House by command of Her Majesty and ordered to lie on the Table:

Departmental Performance—Autumn Performance Report 2002 for British Trade International.


2.Affirmative Instrument—The following instrument was laid before the House for approval by resolution and ordered to lie on the Table:

Draft Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (Consequential and Incidental Provisions) Order 2003, laid under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, together with an Explanatory Memorandum.

3.Negative Instruments—The following instruments were laid before the House and ordered to lie on the Table:
1.Local Authorities (Goods and Services) (Public Bodies) (England) Order 2003, laid under the Local Authorities (Goods and Services) Act 1970;
2. (i)Voluntary Adoption Agencies and the Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2003—(367)
(ii)Local Authority Adoption Service (England) Regulations 2003—(370)
 laid under the Adoption Act 1976;
3.National Care Standards Commission (Fees and Frequency of Inspections) (Adoption Agencies) Regulations 2003, laid under the Care Standards Act 2000;
4.Court Funds (Amendment) Rules 2003, laid under the Administration of Justice Act 1982;
5.Education (National Curriculum) (Foundation Stage Early Learning Goals) (England) Order 2003, laid under the Education Act 2002;
6.Nuclear Industries Security Regulations 2003, laid under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974;
7.Criminal Appeal (Confiscation, Restraint and Receivership) Rules 2003, laid under the Supreme Court Act 1981;
8.Financing of Maintained Schools (England) Regulations 2003, laid under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998;
9.Administration of Insolvent Estates of Deceased Persons (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2003, laid under the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989.
4.Paper not subject to parliamentary proceedings—The following paper was laid before the House and ordered to lie on the Table:

Treasury Minute dated 28th February, directing the application of certain amounts as appropriations in aid of the Estimates for 2002–03, laid under the Government Resources and Accounts Act 2000.

Public Business

5.High Hedges Bill [HL]—The report was received; amendments were agreed to; amendments were moved and (by leave of the House) withdrawn; it was ordered that the bill be printed as amended. (HL Bill 38)
6.Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill [HL]—It was moved by the Lord Beaumont of Whitley that the bill be now read a second time; after debate, the motion was agreed to and the bill was committed to a Committee of the Whole House.
7.Equality Bill [HL]—It was moved by the Lord Lester of Herne Hill that the bill be now read a second time; after debate, the motion was agreed to and the bill was committed to a Committee of the Whole House.
8.Voting Age (Reduction to 16) Bill [HL]—The order of commitment was discharged.

The House was adjourned at nine minutes past five o’clock

to Monday next, half-past two o’clock.