Judgments - In re P (a minor by his mother and litigation friend) (Appellant)

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    74. On that approach the third problem, the point or period of time referred to in sections 227(1) and 232A, ceases to be of critical importance. The fact that Parliament has not used the precise expression "date of the ballot" (defined in section 246) suggests that the period of the ballot process, rather than a single date, is the intended meaning. If (as I think) paragraph (c) of section 232A is concerned with the deliberate denial of voting rights to any union member who would naturally be within the appropriate constituency, there is no reason not to give paragraphs (a) and (b) a wide scope.

    75. For these reasons and for the fuller reasons stated in the speech of my noble and learned friend Lord Hoffmann I would dismiss this appeal.

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Prepared 26 February 2003