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Here you can browse the full text, in PDF format, of Long Written Answers that have been supplied by Government Departments to supplement a Ministerial Answer in the House of Lords (Hansard). The answers can also be accessed at the relevant point in the respective Hansard. This is a new service - past answers are not available.

Session 2002-03
 Cabinet Office
*28 April 2003Rail Levy - Health and Safety Executive
 Department for Culture, Media and Sport
*20 October 2003World Heritage Sites
 Department for Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs
*3 July 2003Sea Defences
*25 June 2003Meat and Livestock Exports
 Foreign Office
*17 June 2003EU: Decision-making Procedures
*22 January 2003EU: Commissioner de Palacio's Letter
 Department of Health
*6 October 2003Healthcare Workers: Smallpox Immunisation
*6 October 2003Foundation Trusts
*30 June 2003Food Supplements
*10 March 2003NHS Charges
*24 February 2003Hospital Readmissions
*10 February 2003Community Care (Delayed Discharges etc.) Bill: Regulatory Impact Assessment
*22 January 2003Thimerosal/Mercury-based Vaccines
 Home Office
*20 June 2003Criminal Justice Bill: Law Commission Recommendations
*4 April 2003National Firearms Licensing Management System
 Department for International Development
*19 November 2003Central and South America: Street Children
*5 November 2003Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan Pipeline
 Lord Chancellor's Department
*24 March 2003US Customs: Airline Passenger Information
*22 January 2003Ram Doctrine
*22 January 2003General Commissioners of Income Tax
*9 December 2002Crown Prosecution Service: Damilola Taylor Murder Trial Summary of Findings
*4 December 2002Courts Administration
*25 November 2002London City Bond Prosecutions
 Ministry of Defence
*20 November 2003Iraq: Prisoners Held by Allied Forces
*20 November 2003BAE Systems and Al Yamamah Arms Contracts
*18 September 2003Gulf War Immunisations: Thiomersal
*18 September 2003Iraq: Prisoners Captured by British Forces
*4 February 2003Gulf War Illnesses: Correspondence
*11 November 2002Gulf War Veterans: Correspondence
*24 September 2002Underground Regional Emergency Centres
 Northern Ireland Office
*27 October 2003North/South Implementation Bodies: Consultancy
*10 July 2003Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
*7 April 2003North/South Implementation Bodies
*19 March 2003Mersey Street, East Belfast: Proposed Development
*17 February 2003Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
*28 January 2003Kerr Street, Portrush, County Antrim
*27 January 2003Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
 Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
*6 May 20032004 Local Authority, GLA and European Parliamentary Elections
 Department of Transport
*3 November 2003Speed Cameras
 HM Treasury
*14 November 2003National Statistician
*11 June 2003Non-residential Property: Stamp Duty
Session 2000-01


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