The Peers' Reimbursement Allowance Scheme - A General Guide 2003 September 2003 Edition

1. Introduction

1.1 This guide provides information on the reimbursement allowances available to those Members of the House of Lords not in receipt of a parliamentary salary.

1.2 Facilities for free travel to enable Lords to attend the House for the purpose of their parliamentary duties were introduced in 1946. Lords were first able to claim limited reimbursement of other expenses in 1957. The current structure was broadly put in place following the recommendations of the then Top Salaries Review Body in 1979. Since 1994, allowances have been annually uprated by reference to the Retail Prices Index.

1.3 It would not be possible to incorporate in this guide every circumstance under which Members may be able to reclaim expenses. Members are therefore encouraged to contact the Accountant's Office, House of Lords for general assistance, or to discuss any particular points that arise from their claims (see paragraph 2.3.2).

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