The Peers' Reimbursement Allowance Scheme - A General Guide 2003 September 2003 Edition

2. Summary

2.1 Peers' Reimbursement Allowance Scheme

2.1.1 Resolutions of the House of Lords govern the Peers' Reimbursement Allowance (PRA) scheme. The Clerk of the Parliaments has limited discretion to deal with matters that arise on claims. Points of particular difficulty or doubt may be referred to the House Committee, which supervises the arrangements for the reimbursement of expenses.

2.1.2 Under the Scheme, Members are able to recover expenses for:

  • Attendance - see section 4
  • Travel on UK Parliamentary Business - see section 5
  • Travel to EU Institutions - see section 6

2.1.3 The Senior Salaries Review Body carries out regular reviews of parliamentary allowances. Its most recent report on the House of Lords was issued in March 2001 (Cmnd 4997-1).  

2.2 Other expenses

2.2.1 In addition to the PRA scheme, Members may recover certain expenses incurred in respect of:
  • Select Committee Visits - see section 7
  • Travel as a Representative of the House - see section 8
  • Membership of Official Parliamentary Delegations - see section 9

2.2.2 Rules for the recovery of these expenses are administered by the Clerk of the Parliaments on the authority of the House Committee.

2.3 The Accountant's Office

2.3.1 The PRA scheme is administered by the Accountant's Office, House of Lords which also maintains a full record of Members' attendances at the House.

2.3.2 The Accountant's Office is housed on the sixth floor of Millbank House. Peers' Reimbursement Allowances are dealt with in Room 645.

The postal address is: -

The Accountant's Office

House of Lords

London, SW1A OPW

A dedicated telephone number for Members to contact the office is 020 7219 6096.

The Accountant's Office FAX no is 020 7219 2369

The office's e-mail address is

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