The Peers' Reimbursement Allowance Scheme - A General Guide 2003 September 2003 Edition

12. Free Postage

12.1 Prepaid envelopes and postcards are available for use by Members for correspondence on House of Lords' business. They are available for collection by Members in person from the Printed Paper Office. Alternatively, small quantities can be sent to members' private addresses on request to the PPO (extension 3960 or 3038, or email to

12.1 Members are reminded that prepaid envelopes and postcards may not be used:

  • For correspondence of a business, commercial or personal nature;
  • For the correspondence of a parliamentary group which includes persons other than parliamentarians;
  • In connection with party political fund raising or campaigning;
  • For issuing circulars of any description (i.e. an unsolicited letter sent in identical or near identical form to a number of addresses);
  • For internal mail (mail within the Parliamentary estate); or
  • For overseas mail (including Europe and the Republic of Ireland).

12.3 Members are also asked to recognise the need to avoid wastage of prepaid envelopes and postcards, on which the House will have already paid the postal charge. In particular, envelopes and cards should not be used for making notes or for internal mail of any kind; nor should they be left unused and forgotten in an office. Although there is no formal limit on the number of prepaid envelopes available to Members, Members are nevertheless asked to keep their requests to modest numbers.

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