The Peers' Reimbursement Allowance Scheme - A General Guide 2003 September 2003 Edition

13. Financial Assistance to Opposition Parties in the House of Lords "Cranborne Money"

13.1 A scheme for providing financial assistance to opposition parties in the House of Lords to assist them in carrying out their parliamentary business was introduced in October 1996. A similar scheme known as "Short money" has been in operation in the House of Commons since 1975.  

13.2 Initially, this was available to the official Opposition and the second largest opposition party in the House of Lords, but was extended in October 1999 to include assistance for the Convenor of the Cross-Bench Peers in carrying out parliamentary business on behalf of the Cross-Bench Peers.

13.3 The amounts payable are uprated annually in line with the retail prices index. The sums paid to the parties and the Convenor are subject to independent audit.  

13.4 Each party is responsible for the allocation of its individual entitlement and any matters concerning financial assistance should be referred to the Leader of the Party concerned or to the Convenor.


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