Select Committee on Appeal Ninth Report


from the Appeal Committee

28 November 2002



1. The Committee have met and have considered the petition of Robert Anthony Burke praying for leave to petition the House in connection with a matter relating to the cause formerly depending in this House viz. that the Judgment of the House of 15th June 2000 in the cause In re Burke (AP) (Appellant) (On Appeal from a Divisional Court of the Queen's Bench Division) might be set aside. Mr Burke's appeal was heard in May 2000 by an Appellate Committee attended by Lords Steyn, Jauncey of Tullichettle, Hope of Craighead, Hutton and Hobhouse of Woodborough. By a majority of three to two Mr Burke's appeal was dismissed.


2. The Committee recommend that this petition be dismissed. In so doing, we are not to be taken as indicating what course might have been taken on the hearing in May 2000 had the material now produced been available to the Appellate Committee at that time.

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