Select Committee on Appeal Seventieth Report



L. Bingham of Cornhill L. Hoffmann
L. Hope of Craighead

The Lord Bingham of Cornhill in the Chair.

The Orders of Reference are read.

The Committee deliberate.

Counsel and Parties are called in.

Mr N. Brailsford QC and Mr James Mure appear for the appellant.

Mr A. O'Neill QC and Mr S. Collins appear for the respondent.

Mr O'Neill heard on behalf of the respondent, seeking the dismissal of the petititon of appeal.

Mr Brainford heard.

Mr O'Neill heard in reply.

Further and fully heard.

Bar cleared; and the Committee deliberate.

A draft Report is laid before the Committee by the Lord Hope of Craighead.

The Report is considered and agreed to, nemine dissentiente.

Ordered, That the Lord in the Chair do make the Report to the House.

Counsel recalled, and the Lord in the Chair is heard to say that the Committee would recommend To the House that the petition to dismiss the appeal be dismissed.

Ordered, That the Committee be adjourned sine die.

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