Select Committee on Constitution Second Report


AM    Assembly Member (in Wales)

AME    Annually Managed Expenditure

Barnett formula  see Box 4 (p. 27)

BIC    British-Irish Council

CAP    Common Agricultural Policy

COBRA  Cabinet Office Briefing Room A network

DEFRA    Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DEL    Departmental Expenditure Limit

EU    European Union

JMC    Joint Ministerial Committee

MAFF    Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (now part of DEFRA)

MEP    Member of the European Parliament

MLA    Member of the Legislative Assembly (in Northern Ireland)

MP    Member of Parliament (House of Commons, Westminster)

MSP    Member of the Scottish Parliament

NICS    Northern Ireland Civil Service

ODPM    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

OSAG    Office of the Solicitor to the Advocate-General

Sewel motions  see Box 3 (p. 23)

UKREP    United Kingdom Permanent Representation to the European Union


Both oral and written evidence received by the Committee have been published in the volume: Devolution: Inter-Institutional Relations in the United Kingdom (HL Paper 147, Session 2001-02).

In the text of the report:  Q.  refers to a Question; and

        p.  refers to a page number in the evidence volume.

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