Select Committee on Constitution Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 200-201)



  200. Just to link that with the earlier discussions we had about individual regulators and boards, in the paper and in answer to questions you indicated on balance the preference is for a board, presumably the contact with regulators would not affect that? One thought is that if you had an individual regulator it might be easier to have greater contact then if you have a collection of boards. Is that a minor consideration?

   (Sir Bryan Carsberg) Yes, I think it probably is a minor consideration. It is a bit more difficult indeed because there is a lot of merit in having half a dozen or so people round the table able to have a very relaxed conversation, which one had. It could be at chairman level, it could be at chief executive level and very probably it will happen at both levels, I would guess. I am sure arrangements can be made to deal with that.

  201. Before we finish I take on board the point you make about Parliamentary committees and perhaps they have missed out on points; before you conclude is there anything we have not touched upon that you feel that we should have taken cognisance of and would be relevant for our purposes?

   (Sir Bryan Carsberg) No, my Lord Chairman, thank you very much you have given me ample opportunity to range widely and I have enjoyed our exchange.

Chairman: Sir Bryan, thank you very much, we are very grateful for the paper you put in. That has been an extremely important session for our purposes. Thank you very much indeed.

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