Select Committee on Constitution Minutes of Evidence

Annex 3


CommitteeDate InquiryWitnesses
Public Accounts20 January 1999 The Office of Electricity Regulation: Improving Energy Efficiency Financed by a Change on Customers Callum McCarthy
Peter Carter
David Hauser
Public Accounts12 May 1999 How the Utility Regulators are addressing the year 2000 problem in the Utilities Callum McCarthy
Brian Wharmby
(with Oftel/Ofwat)
Public Accounts7 July 1999 Office of Gas and Electricity Markets: Giving Customers a Choice—The Introduction of Competition into the Domestic Gas Market Callum McCarthy
Tony Boorman
Public Accounts28 February 2001 Office of Gas and Electricity Market: Giving Domestic Customers a Choice of Electricity Supplier Callum McCarthy
John Neilson
(with energywatch)
Public Accounts8 May 2002 Pipes and WiresCallum McCarthy
(with Oftel/Ofwat)
Trade and Industry25 January 2000 The Work of OfgemCallum McCarthy
Dr Eileen Marshall
Tony Boorman
Trade and Industry28 November 2000 The Work of OfgemCallum McCarthy
Dr Eileen Marshall
John Neilson
Trade and Industry4 December 2001 Security of Energy SuppliesCallum McCarthy
John Neilson
Steve Smith
Trade and Industry23 May 2002 Fuel PovertyCallum McCarthy
John Neilson
Virginia Graham
Trade and Industry25 February 2003 Pre-legislative Scrutiny of the Draft Electricity (Trading and Transmission) Bill Callum McCarthy
Richard Ramsay
David Halldearn
Environmental Audit30 April 2002 Sustainable EnergyCallum McCarthy
John Neilson
John Scott
Nick Simpson
Science and Technology20 November 2002 Towards a Non-Carbon Fuel EconomyJohn Scott
(with NGC, ScottishPower and United Utilities)


  Ofgem officials have on a number of other occasions proactively sought opportunities to make presentations to and discuss issues with Select Committees. Ofgem did this most recently on 18 March 2003 when it discussed the draft Electricity (Trading and Transmission) Bill with the Scottish Affairs Committee.

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