Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Eighteenth Report



32.  Section 8 of the Industrial Development Act 1982 enables Ministers to give financial assistance to industry outside areas which have been granted Assisted Area status. Section 8(5) of the 1982 Act contains a limit - of £1,900 million - on the amount of assistance which can be granted. This may be increased by order made with the consent of the Treasury, and subject to approval by the House of Commons, on not more than four occasions by a sum not exceeding £200 million. The limit has been increased four times and now stands at £2,700 million. The purpose of this bill is to amend the financial ceiling in section 8(5), increasing the initial limit to £3,700 million and subsequent increases to £600 million.

33.  The bill is described in more detail in a memorandum on delegated powers from the Department for Trade and Industry, printed at Annex 4 to this Report. We note that the bill does not introduce new delegated powers but retains the existing delegated powers framework.

34.  The bill is certified by the Speaker as a Money Bill. It was read a second time on 1 May, following which the House agreed that Committee stage should be dispensed with. The bill was read a third time on 6 May. On the basis of a preliminary consideration, we took the view that a special meeting in advance of the passage of the bill through the House was not necessary. For the record, however, we wish to report our conclusion (in paragraph 35 below) in respect of the delegated powers in the bill.


35.  There is nothing in the bill to which the Committee would have wished to draw the attention of the House prior to its passage through the House.

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