Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Nineteenth Report



On 13 January 2003, the Government laid before Parliament a proposal for a draft Regulatory Reform (British Waterways Board) Order 2003, together with a Statement by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. We reported on the Government's proposals on 19 March 2003.[7]

The purpose of the order is to enable the British Waterways Board ("the Board") to carry out an increased range of activities (by amending section 10(3) of the Transport Act 1962) and to clarify that the borrowing of a company formed by the Board (but which is not its subsidiary) does not count towards the Board's overall borrowing limit (by amending section 50 of the Transport Act 1968). These measures are intended to remove certain constraints on the operation of Water Grid Ltd, a joint venture company involving the Board, Partnership (UK), Anglian Water and Bristol Water.

In our earlier report, we recommended no changes to the draft which we considered. Although the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee raised points about certain environmental issues, that Committee also recommended no changes to the draft. No amendments have therefore been made to the draft by the Government.


In our first Report on this proposal, we concluded that it was appropriate to be made under the Regulatory Reform Act 2001. We remain of this view, and therefore recommend that the order, as it now stands, is in a form satisfactory to be submitted to the House for affirmative resolution.

7   15th Report, HL Paper 77, Session 2002-03. Back

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