Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Twenty-First Report

Annex 8


Letter from John Healy MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, to the Chairman

I am writing to inform the Delegated Powers Committee of the Treasury's response to the Committee's report of 8 May on the Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies Bill.

I am pleased that the Committee considers the delegations in clauses 7 and 8 (relating to commencement and application to the Channel Islands) and those in clause 3 (applying, subject to negative procedure, seven specific subsections of the Companies Act 1985 for the purposes of new section 7E(1) of the 1965 Act) to be appropriate. I note the Committee's concerns over the delegated powers in clauses 1(5)(a) (criminal liability), 1(5)(d) (rule making powers) and 1(5)(f) (the 'Henry VIII' power). The attached Memorandum sets out the Treasury's response to these concerns.

I hope the Committee will find this satisfactory. I am copying this letter to the members of the Delegated Powers Committee, Andrew McIntosh, Denis Carter and the First Parliamentary Counsel.

2 June 2003

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