Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Third Report


Environment Act 1995, section 120(1) and (5)

120  Minor and consequential amendments, transitional and transitory provisions, savings and repeals

(1)  The enactments mentioned in Schedule 22 to this Act shall have effect with the amendments there specified (being minor amendments and amendments consequential on provisions of this Act); and, without prejudice to any power conferred by any other provision of this Act, the Secretary of State and the Minister shall each have power by regulations to make such additional consequential amendments—

(a)  of public general enactments passed before, or in the same Session as , this Act, and

(b)  of subordinate legislation made before the passing of this Act,

as he considers necessary or expedient by reason of the coming into force of any provision of this Act.


(5)  The power to make regulations under subsection (1) above includes power to make such incidental, supplemental, consequential and transitional provision as the Secretary of State or the Minister thinks necessary or expedient.

Parliamentary procedure: negative (section 120(4)).

Departmental explanation:

"… this power allows any consequential amendments that may have been missed to be picked up at a later stage … The Departments believe that negative resolution is the appropriate procedure for provision to make amendments of this nature."

Committee Report (1st of 1994-95): "The Committee finds these arguments persuasive."

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