Select Committee on Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Sixth Report



Letter from the Clerk to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

The Committee has invited submissions in writing from interested organisations and individuals on the proposal for this Order. In the meantime, I am writing to seek clarification on two related points arising out of your Department's Statement.

Section 10.3 of the Statement mentions the level of initial response to its consultation from those representing tenants' interests. It would assist the Committee if you would specify which of those on list of consultees at Annex A to the consultation paper were regarded by the Department as representative of tenants' interests. Would you also please confirm (in the light of the website notice at Annex C to the Statement) that each of those consultees was sent a copy of the consultation paper, as indicated in the letter of 21 June 2002?

4 November 2002

Letter from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to the Clerk

From the full list of consultees in Annex A of the consultation paper "Proposal to change the rules on the timing of rent increases for assured periodic tenancies in England and Wales", I enclose a list of those organisations which provide a service or advice to tenants, campaign on their behalf or in some way represent them and which were consulted at the start of the consultation period on 21 June 2002. The enclosed list also shows those additional organisations and individuals consulted on the proposal after the close of the consultation period on 13 September 2002.

I confirm that all of these organisations and individuals were sent a copy of the consultation paper.

List enclosed with the Department's letter:

Groups advising/representing tenants who received in June 2002 the Consultation Paper on the proposal to change the rules on the timing of rent increases

·  Age Concern Cymru

·  Association of Housing Advisory Services

·  Black and Minority Ethnic Tenants and Residents Advisory Network

·  Brent Private Tenants' Rights Group

·  Camden Federation of Private Tenants

·  Cardiff Housing Help Centre

·  Cardiff Law Centre

·  Care & Repair Cymru

·  Churches Coalition

·  Disability Right Commission

·  Disability Wales

·  Equal Opportunities Commission

·  Federation of Independent Advice Centres

·  Housing Organisation Mobility and Exchange Service (HOMES)

·  Housing Association Residents and Tenants Organisation of England [listed as Housing Association Tenants Associations and Residents of England in the Consultation Paper]

·  National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux

·  Priority Estates Project

·  Shelter

·  Shelter Cymru

·  Tenant Participation Advisory Service

·  Tenants and Residents Organisation of England [listed as Tenants Associations and Residents of England in the Consultation Paper]

·  The Law Centres Federation

·  TPAS Cymru

·  Wales Council for Voluntary Action

·  Welsh Consumer Council

·  Welsh Tenants Federation

·  Welsh Women's Aid

Groups and individuals consulted for the first time after the end of the consultation period

·  Association for Tenant Involvement and Control

·  The members of the Housing Corporation's Tenant Consumer Panel i.e:

  • Atique Khan
  • John Bacon
  • Debbie Hay
  • Michael Gelling
  • Roy Harding
  • Brenda Thomas
  • Gloria Biggs
  • Frank Mummery
  • Allan Skiggs

13 November 2002

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