Select Committee on Economic Affairs Third Report


Membership of the Sub-Committee on the Finance Bill

The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this inquiry were:

        Lord Peston - Chairman
        Rt Hon the Lord Barnett
        Baroness Hogg
        Rt Hon the Lord Jones
        Lord Newby
        Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay
        Baroness O'Cathain
        Lord Roll of Ipsden
        Rt Hon the Lord Sheldon
        Lord Sheppard of Didgemere
        Rt Hon the Lord Wakeham

The Specialist Advisers were Mr Leonard J H Beighton CB MA and Mr J Brian Shepherd CBE

Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests:

Lord Sheppard of Didgemere
Non-parliamentary Consultant, Didgemere Consultants Ltd
Non-executive Chairman, McBride plc
Non-executive Chairman, Unipart Group
Non-executive Chairman, Oneclick HR plc
Non-executive Director, High-Point Rendel Gr. Plc
Non-executive Chairman, GB Railways plc
Non-executive Director, Transware plc
Non-executive Director, Nyne plc
Non-executive Director, Global Tote Ltd
Member of the Advisory Committee of Warnborough Asset Management
Controlling Shareholdings; Didgemere Consultants Ltd
Controlling Shareholdings; Didgemere Farms Ltd
Landholdings; Farmland in Essex
Chancellor, Middlesex University
Governor and Member of Public Relations Committee, London School of Economics
President, London First
Director, East London Business Alliance
Director, Central London Partnership
Director/Alternate Chairman, London Business Board
Vice President, Beer and Pub Association
Vice-President, Blue Cross
Vice-President, United Response
Trustee/Executive Committee Members, Animal Health Trust
Patron, Trees for London
Member, UK Cancer Research Charity
Vice-President, Business in the Community
Past Chairman, The Prince's Trust (and Prince's Youth Business Trust)
Chairman of Trustees, Civilians Remembered Trust

Rt Hon the Lord Sheldon
Shareholding (not a majority shareholding) in Tonrose Ltd.

The Lord Roll of Ipsden KCMG CB
Senior Adviser of UBS Warburg (remunerated)
Director of Pan-Holding S.A. (remunerated)
Non-financial interest:  Hon. Fellow - London School of Economics;  Vice President, Society of Business Economists;  Hon. Member of the Advisory Committee - The Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University;  Member - Bilderberg Steering Committee. Trustee of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation.
Small shareholding in J. Sainsbury

The Lord Newby
Chairman, Live Consulting Ltd (4 October 2001)
Chairman, Reform Publications Ltd
Director, Pall Mall Initiatives Ltd
Trustee, Allachy Trust
Trustee, Aviation Health Institute
Trustee, Centre for Reform
Trustee, Coltstaple Trust (4 October 2001)

The Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay
Chairman, Coltstaple Trust (charitable trust) (unpaid) (21 March 2001)
Director, *Aubrey Investments Ltd and its subsidiaries (paid) (21 March 2001)
Director, *OLIM Ltd (paid) (21 March 2001)
Director, *Value and Income Trust plc and its subsidiaries (paid) (21 March 2001)
Land and Property: family homes in London, the Isle of Wight and Sussex (no rents received) (21 March 2001)
Member, Finance Committee Mansfield College, Oxford (unpaid) (21 March 2001)
* Shareholdings (more than 1% of the issued share capital) (21 March 2001)
Investment Manager with OLIM Limited (a subsidiary of Close Brothers Group plc)

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