Select Committee on Economic Affairs Fourth Report


List of Witnesses

The following witnesses gave written evidence. Those marked * also gave oral evidence.

*Actuarial Profession

*Age Concern

*Association of British Insurers

Association of Retired and Persons Over 50

AXA Sun Life

Barr, Professor Nicholas

Beatty, Ms Christina

*Blake, Professor David, The Pensions Institute

*Booth, Professor Philip

Cabinet Office

*Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance

*Commission for Racial Equality

*Confederation of British Industry

*Consumers' Association

Continuing Care Conference

Department for Constitutional Affairs

Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Department for Education and Skills

Department of Health

*Department for Work and Pensions

*Disney, Professor Richard

*Engineering Employers' Federation

*Equal Opportunities Commission

*Fawcett Society

*Field MP, Rt Hon. Frank

*Financial Services Authority

Fothergill, Professor Stephen

*Fritchie DBE, Dame Rennie, Commissioner for Public Appointments

*Ginn, Dr Jay

Government Actuary's Department

*Greengross OBE, Baroness

*Grieve Smith, Mr John

Home Office

*HM Treasury

Institute for Volunteering Research

International Longevity Centre UK

*Joshi, Professor Heather

Ministry of Defence

*Mullan, Mr Phil

Murphy BSc FCA, Mr Richard

*National Association of Pension Funds

North East Pensioners Association

Oxford Institute of Ageing

Pension and Population Research Institute


*Pensions Policy Institute

*Policy Research Institute on Ageing and Ethnicity

Price, Ms Debora


Royal Ordnance Pensioners Association

Scottish Life

*Smith MP, Rt Hon. Andrew, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Standard Life Assurance Company

*Taylor, Dr Philip

*Trades Union Congress

Walker, Professor Alan

Wallace, Mr Paul

Warr, Emeritus Professor Peter

Weale CBE, Mr Martin

*Webb MP, Professor Steve

*Willetts MP, Mr David

*Women's Budget Group

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