Select Committee on Economic Affairs First Report


List of Witnesses

The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

*Akyuz, Dr Yilmaz, Director of the Division on Globalisation and Development Strategies, UNCTAD

*Aven, Mr Peter, President, Alpha Bank of Russia

*Bank of England, The Rt Hon Sir Edward George, Governor, and Mr Mervyn King, Deputy

 Governor for Monetary Policy

*Bendookidze, Mr Kakha, Chief Executive Officer, United Heavy Machinery, Russia

*BP plc, Lord Browne of Madingley, Group Chief Executive

*Brittan, Sir Samuel, Financial Times

*Buiter, Mr Willem, Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

*Bulmer-Thomas, Professor Victor, Director, Royal Institute of International Affairs

*CAFOD, Mr Barry Coates, Director

*Christian Aid, Mr Mark Curtis, Head of Global Advocacy Team

*Commonwealth, His Excellency the Rt Hon Donald McKinnon, Secretary General, and Dr Indrajit

 Coomaraswamy, Director of Economic Affairs

*Confederation of British Industry, Mr Ian McCafferty, Director-Economics, and Mr Andy Scott,


*Coyle, Ms Diane, Managing Director, Enlightenment Economics

*Crocket, Mr Andrew, General Manager, Bank for International Settlements

*DHL, Mr David Coles, Managing Director, and Dr Axel Gietz, Corporate Affairs Director

*Desai, Lord, Director, Centre of Global Study of Governance, London School of Economics

*Engineering Employers' Federation, Mr Martin Temple, Director-General, Mr Stephen Radley, Chief

 Economist, and Miss Lee Hopley, Economist

*European Commission, Commissioner Solbes Mira, Commissioner for Economic and Monetary


 Fair World Project

*Financial Services Authority, Sir Howard Davies, Chairman, Mr Michael Foot, Managing Director,and Mr Andrew Sykes, Head of Department

*FitzGerald, Mr Niall, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Unilever plc

 Forum for Stable Currencies

 Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (Feasta)

*Friends of the Earth, Mr Matt Philips, Senior Campaigner, Ms Ronnie Hall and Mrs Simone Lovera

*Greenaway, Professor David, Professor of Economics and Director of the Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy, University of Nottingham

*Grieve Smith, Mr John, Fellow of Robinson College, Cambridge

 Hattersley, Mr Martin, Former President, Economics Society of Northern Alberta

 Henry George Foundation

*Holtham, Mr Gerald, Chief Investment Officer, Morley Fund Management

*HM Treasury, The Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr John Cunliffe,

 Managing Director, International Finance, Mr Stephen Pickford, Director, International Finance, and

 Mr Ed Balls, Chief Economic Adviser

*International Development, Department for, The Rt Hon Clare Short MP, Secretary of State

*International Labour Organisation, Mr Gerry Rogers, Director, Policy Integration Department, and

 Mr Steve Pursey, Senior Advisor to the Director-General

*King, Mr Stephen, Managing Director, Economics, HSBC

*Kitson, Mr Michael, Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge-MIT


 Knight, Mr Tim

*Krugman, Professor Paul, Professor of Economics, Princeton University

*Large, Sir Andrew, Deputy Chairman, Barclays Group plc

*Lucas MEP, Dr Caroline, Green Member of the European Parliament for SE England

*McKinnon, Professor Ronald, Senior Fellow of Stanford Institute of Economic Policy

*Mboweni, Mr Tito, Governor, South African Reserve Bank

 Mittelstadt, Mr Robert

*Monbiot, Mr George, Columnist, The Guardian

*Officials of the Department of Trade and Industry HM Treasury, the Foreign and Commonwealth

 Office and the Department for International Development

*Palliser, Sir Michael, Vice-Chairman, Salzburg Seminar

*Panitchpakdi, His Excellency Dr Supachai, Director-General Designate, World Trade Organisation

 Resource Use Institute Ltd, Mr Farel Bradbury

 Rikowski, Mr Glenn

 Rikowski, Ms Ruth

 Robertson, Mr James

 Roddick OBE, Ms Anita

*Rowthorn, Professor Robert, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge

 Royal Academy of Engineering

 Royal Society of Edinburgh

*Save the Children, Mr John Hilary, Trade Policy Adviser

*Schmidt, Mr Rodney, Principal Researcher, North South Institute, Canada

 Shared Capitalism Institute, Mr Jeff Gates

*Soros, Mr George, President and Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC

*Stern, Mr Nicholas, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, World Bank

*Stiglitz, Professor Joseph E, Columbia University

 Sustento, Mr Rafiq Manji

*Sutherland, Mr Peter, Partner and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

*Sykes, Sir Richard Chairman, GlaxoSmithKline plc

*Taylor MP, Mr Matthew Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson

*Trade and Industry, Department of, The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt, Secretary of State

*Trades Union Congress, Mr John Monks, General Secretary, Mr Ian Brinkley, Senior Policy Officer,

 Economic and Social Affairs Department, and Ms Sharon James, Policy Officer, International


*UNCTAD, Mr Carlos Fortin, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr Abdelaziz Megzari, Officer-in-Charge,

 Division on International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities, Mr Richard Kozul-Wright,

 Economic Affairs Officer, Mr Heiner Flassbeck, Division on Globalisation and Development

 Strategies, Mr Karl Sauvant, Director, Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise

 Development, Ms Anh-Nga Tran-Nguyen, Head, Investment Issues Analysis Branch, Division on

 Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development, Mr Habib Ouane, Office of the Special

 Coordinator for LDCs, Mr Taffere Tesfachew, Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary-General,

 Executive Direction and Management, and Mr Charles G Gore, Senior Economic Affairs Officer,

 Office of the Special Coordinator for LDCs

*Visco, Mr Ignazio, Economics Department and Chief Economist, Organisation for Economic

 Co-operation and Development

*Volcker, Mr Paul, former US Federal Reserve Chairman

*War on Want, Ms Angela Royal, Executive Director, and Mr Rob Cartridge, Campaigns Director

*World Development Movement, Mr Barry Coates, Director

*World Health Organisation, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General, Mr Denis Aitken, Special

 Policy Advisor, Ms Namita Pradhan, Policy Analyst, and Dr A Asanoa-Baah, Ex-Director,

 Governing Bodies and External Relations

 World Humanity Action Trust

*World Trade Organisation, Mr Mike Moore, Director-General, Mr Adrian Otten, Director,

 Intellectual Property Division, Mr John Kingery, Counsellor, Mr Chiedyu Osakwe, Director,

 Technical Co-operation Division, Mr David Porter, Special Adviser to the Director-General's Office,

 Mr Evan Rogerson, Director, Council and TNC Division, and Mr Patrick Rata, Director-General's


*Wolf, Mr Martin, Columnist, Financial Times

 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), UK Section

 Wright, Mr Jeremy

 Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, Reverend Paul Nicholson

Contributions were also received from the following. They have not been printed, but are available for inspection at the House of Lords Record Office (020 7219 5314).

Christian Council for Monetary Justice, Canon Peter Challen, Chairman

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation, Mr John Bunzl

Mearns, Mr Damien



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