Select Committee on Economic Affairs First Report



BIS    Bank for International Settlements

BP plc    British Petroleum plc

CAFOD    Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

CBI    Confederation of British Industry

CEO    Chief Executive Officer

CSR    Corporate Social Responsibility

CTT    Capital Transactions Tax

EBRD    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EEF    Engineering Employers' Federation

EU    European Union

FDI    Foreign Direct Investment

FSA    Financial Services Authority

GATS    General Agreement on Trade in Services

GATT    General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs

GDP    Gross Domestic Product

GSK    GlaxoSmithKline

HSBC    Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

IFI    International Financial Institution

ILO    International Labour Organisation

IMF    International Monetary Fund

IP      Intellectual Property

LSE    London School of Economics

M&A    Mergers and Acquisitions

MP    Member of Parliament

MEP    Member of the European Parliament

MFN    Most-Favoured Nation

MIT    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MNC    Multinational Corporation

NGO    Non-Governmental Organisation

OECD    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

R&D    Research and Development

SDRM    Sovereign Debt Restructuring Programme

TNC    Transnational Corporation

TRIPS    Trade-related Intellectual Property Rights

TUC    Trades Union Congress

UN    United Nations

UNCTAD  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

WDM    World Development Movement

WHO    World Health Organisation

WIPO    World Intellectual Property Organisation

WTO    World Trade Organisation

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