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European Union - Twenty-Ninth Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 1 July 2003.



CHAPTER 1: introduction

Historical background

Previous reports

Conduct of the inquiry

CHAPTER 2: the nature and purpose of border controls

CHAPTER 3: integrated border management and a european border guard

Origin of the proposal

The implications of enlargement

Preliminary studies

Council and Commission views

The June 2002 Action Plan

Recent developments

Implementation of the Commission Communication and Council Action Plan

The External Border Practitioners Common Unit

Joint operations at external borders

Implementation of pilot projects

Creation of ad hoc centres

Recent developments: organisational structures for operational co-operation

CHAPTER 4: alternative models of european border controls

A range of different models

Centralised models

Operational co-operation

Trust with neighbours


Integrated border management: democratic and legal challenges

Inter-agency co-operation

CHAPTER 5: the united kingdom's position

CHAPTER 6: conclusions and recommendations

Recommendation to the House

Appendix 1: Sub-Committee F (Social Affairs, Education and Home Affairs)

Appendix 2: Call for evidence

Appendix 3: List of witnesses


Mr Pekka Järviö, Director General, International Security Affairs, Ministry of the Interior,


Written evidence 1

Oral evidence, 12 February 2003 3

Mr Lutz Diwell, State Secretary, Mr Udo Burkholder, Deputy Director,

Dr Frehse, Mr Mathias Schaef and Mr Hans Christian Jasch,

Border Police Unit II, Interior Ministry, Federal Republic of Germany

Oral evidence, 3 March 2003 10

Colonel Marian Kasiñski, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Border Guard,

Mr Piotr Rakowski, Department for European Integration and International Co-operation, Ministry of the Interior, Mr Szymov Wieczorek, Director, Operational and Investigations Unit, Mr Mariusz Okapiec, European Integration and International Co-operation Unit and Mr Andrzej Mackiewicz, Deputy Director (Headquarters) Border Guard, Poland

Oral evidence, 4 March 2003 25


The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, British Government Representative on the

Convention on the Future of Europe

Oral evidence, 12 March 2003 32

The Lord Filkin, CBE, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

Written evidence 34

Oral evidence, 19 March 2003 41

Supplementary written evidence 48

ILPA (Professor Elspeth Guild)

Written evidence 50

Oral evidence, 2 April 2003 55

Mr Eberhard Bort, Institute of Governance, University of Edinburgh

Written evidence 64

Oral evidence, 9 April 2003 67

Mr Jonathan Faull, Director-General, Justice and Home Affairs Directorate-General

European Commission

Oral evidence, 21 May 2003 74


Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) 84

Association of Chief Police Officers of Scotland (ACPOS) 85

Europol 85

Foreign & Commonwealth Office 88

Dr Virginie Guiraudon, Research Fellow, National Center for Scientific Research, Lille 89

Dr Edward Johnson, Wolfson College, Cambridge 91


National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) 93

Rail Freight Group 96

Road Haulage Association 97

Dr Janos Sallai, Hungarian Government 98

Statewatch 99

NOTE: Pages of the report are numbered in bold type; pages of evidence are numbered in ordinary type. References in the text of the report are as follows:

(Q) refers to a question in oral evidence

(p) refers to a page of written evidence.

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