Select Committee on European Union Thirtieth Report

Appendix 2: List of Witnesses

The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

*  Mr Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Chef de Cabinet to Commissioner Lamy, European Commission

*  Dr Klaus Becher, International Institute for Strategic Studies

*  Mr Anthony Cary CMG, Chef de Cabinet to Commissioner Patten, European Commission

*  Mr Robert Cooper CMG MVO, Director-General, Enlargement, Development

   and Multilateral Economic Affairs, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union

*  Ministry of Defence

*  Dr Anne Deighton, British Foreign Policy Resource Centre, Wolfson College, University of Oxford

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark

  Mr John Palmer, Political Director and Mr Fraser Cameron, Director of Studies,

   The European Policy Centre, Brussels, Belgium

  Mr Toby Archer, Mr Hiski Haukkala, Dr Henrikki Heikka, Dr Arkady Moshes, Dr Hanna Ojanen,

Ms Kristi Raik and Dr Tapani Vaahtoranta, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki

*  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

*  Mr Timothy Garton Ash, Director, European Studies Centre, St Antony's College,

   University of Oxford

*  Mr Charles Grant, Director, Centre for European Reform

  Dr Peter van Ham, Deputy Head of Studies, Clingendael Institute, The Hague

*  Professor Christopher Hill, International Relations Department, London School of Economics

  Embassy of the Republic of Hungary

*  Department for International Development

  Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania

*  Mr Jim Nicholson MEP, European Parliament

*  Mr Quentin Peel, Foreign Editor, Financial Times

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poland

  Embassy of Portugal

  Mr Simon Serfaty, Director, Europe Programe, Center for Strategic and International Studies,

   Washington D.C.

  Professor Alfred van Staden, Director, Clingendael Institute, The Hague

*  Mr Gunner Wiegand, Head of Unit "USA" in External Relations Directorate,

   European Commission

  Ms Lisbet Zilmer-Johns, career diplomat in the Danish Ministry of

   Foreign Affairs, currently Visiting Scholar at the Institute for International Studies (IIS),

   Copenhagen, Denmark (in association with Mr Jess Pilegaard, Research Assistant IIS)

  Dr Przemyslaw ¯urawski vel Grajewski, Researcher at the faculty of International Studies and

   Politology of the University of Lodz, Poland

Combined written evidence

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