Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Third Report

Appendix 1: Membership of the Sub-Committee and Declaration of Interests


Members of the Sub-Committee

  Lord Armstrong of Ilminster

  Lord Geddes (Chairman)

  Lord Hannay of Chiswick

  The Rt Hon the Lord Jones

  The Rt Hon the Lord Lamont of Lerwick

  Lord Lea of Crondall

  Lord Marlesford

  The Rt Hon the Lord Radice

  Lord Sharman

  The Rt Hon the Lord Sheldon

  Lord St John of Bletso

  Lord Taverne

Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests:

  Lord Geddes

  Non-Executive Chairman:

  Pacific Chartered Capital Management Limited

  Pacific Chartered (Europe) Limited

  Photo Corporation (UK) Limited

  Trinity College London

  Chrome Castle Limited

  Non-Executive Director:

  Portman Settled Estates Limited

  Trinity College of Music

  Lord Armstrong of Ilminster

  Chairman, Forensic Investigative Associates plc

  Chairman, Board of Governors, Royal Northern College of Music

  Chancellor, University of Hull

  Chairman, Leeds Castle Foundation

  Chairman, Hestercombe Gardens Trust

  Trustee, RVW Trust

  Lord Hannay of Chiswick

  British Government Special Representative for Cyprus

  Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel (for BP)

  Member, Council of Britain in Europe

  Non-Executive Director, Aegis Group

  Non-Executive Director, Chime Communications

  Pro-Chancellor, University of Birmingham

  Director Salzburg Seminar

  Member, International Advisory Board of EDHEC (French Business and Management Schools)

  Member, Advisory board, Centre for European Reform

  Member, Advisory board, European Foreign Affairs Review

  Member, Advisory board, Prospect Magazine

  Lord Lamont of Lerwick:

  Chairman, East European Food Fund

  Director, Balli plc

  Director, Banca Commerciala Robank SA

  Director, Compagnie Internationale de Participations Bancaires et Financieres

  Director, European Growth and Income Trust (managed by Aberdeen Asset Management)

  Director, Jupiter Finance and Income Trust (Investment Trust)

  Consultant, Fintrade

  Consultant, Rotch Group

  Vice-President, Bruges Group

  Member, Business for Sterling

  Chairman, Le Cercle

  Director, British Iranian Chamber of Commerce

  Director, British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

  Vice Chairman, International Nuclear Safety Commission

  Chairman of the Oil Club

  Lord Lea of Crondall

  Treasurer, Parliamentary Group on Macedonia

  Treasurer, Parliamentary Group on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

  Member, Central Arbitration Committee

  Lord Marlesford

  Adviser, Board of John Swire and Sons

  Adviser, Mitsubishi Corporation (UK) plc

  Adviser, Sit Investment Associates (Minneapolis)

  Adviser, World View Incorporated (New York)

  Non-Executive Director, Baring New Russia Fund Ltd

  Independent National Director, Times Newspaper Holdings Ltd

  Chairman Marlesford Parish Council

  President, Suffolk ACRE (Action for Communities in Rural England)

  President, Suffolk Preservation Society

  Lord Radice

  Board Member, Britain in Europe

  Board Member, European Movement

  Chairman, British Association for Central and Eastern Europe

  Lord Sharman

  Chairman and Shareholder, Aegis plc

  Board Member, Britain in Europe

  Director and Shareholder, B G International plc

  Director, AEA Technology plc

  Director, Reed Elsevier plc

  Director, Youngs Brewery plc

  Director and Shareholder, Phocis plc

  Adviser (paid) KPMG

  Lord Taverne

  Director, Industrial Finance Group Ltd

  Chairman, Monitoring Board, Axa Sun Life plc

  Chairman, Advisory Board, Oxford Centre for Environment, Ethics and Society (OCEES)

  Chairman of Trustees, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) Ltd

  Chairman of Trustees, Iran Aid Foundation

  Trustee, The Health and Science Communication Trust

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