Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Fourth Report

CHAPTER 4: Recommendations

EU level

54. The Committee recommends that in any action plan based on the Commission's Green Paper close attention should be paid by both the Commission and the Member States to the arguments justifying EU action as opposed to actions properly left to individual Member States.

55. The Government should pay special attention to the views of the Commission, in particular, the view that the support of entrepreneurship is primarily a Member State activity. The Government should also support the Commission in its desire "to go for savings by reducing complexity in the support of networks".

56. The Committee recommends that no action plan based on the Green Paper should be agreed before the lessons have been drawn from the strategic evaluation of the EU's enterprise support programme which is currently being undertaken by the Commission. It also recommends that where new EU schemes are proposed, no action plan should be agreed before a clear framework is established setting objectives, and a system is in place for monitoring and evaluating such schemes. The Committee further recommends that in disseminating best practice, the Commission stress the importance for Member States to set clear objectives and to establish a system for monitoring and evaluating national schemes to promote entrepreneurship.

57. The Committee recommends that any EU scheme to support entrepreneurship which is included in the action plan based on the Green Paper should:

UK level

58. The Committee recommends that the Government clarify and rationalise further the structure of administering agencies delivering or involved in enterprise policy at local and regional level.

59. The Committee recommends that the Government encourage the fuller exploitation of the potential of the Teaching Company Scheme in the UK and continue to support schemes that work well, such as SMART.

60. The Committee recommends that the Government give attention to devising methods to assess the impact of general tax changes on entrepreneurial activity in the UK.

61. The Committee recommends that, in the UK, any proposed scheme to support entrepreneurship which seeks to implement the action plan based on the Commission's Green Paper should:

Recommendation to the house

62. The Committee considers that the European Commission's Green Paper: Entrepreneurship in Europe raises important questions to which the attention of the House should be drawn and makes this Report to the House for information.

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