Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 220-223)

MONDAY 19 MAY 2003


  220. They agree them with the DTI?
  (Mr Rees) I believe so, yes.

  221. So your Department will be agreeing with them their evaluation processes?
  (Mr Rees) There is a policy unit in the Department that deals with the RDAs and they will agree targets with the RDAs, what their objectives should be. There will be some monitoring and evaluation requirements in exchange for the funding that is given to the RDAs and we will see some of that, we will help them set the framework for that.

  222. Are you helping them, your unit?
  (Mr Rees) Yes.

  223. You are in charge of the evaluation unit?
  (Mr Rees) Yes. Today one of my staff is up in Birmingham helping to set up the RDA pilots.

  Chairman: You have been very, very generous with your time, and also the Committee I should say. Thank you very, very much indeed, you have been patient and courteous. If you are able to help by sending the other information we would be most grateful. On behalf of the Committee, could I thank you for helping us this afternoon.

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