Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Eighth Report

Letter from Lord Grenfell, Chairman of the European Union Committee, to Mr Bob Ainsworth MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Home Office

  You last wrote to the Committee on this subject on 30 January. The record of the 27/28 February Justice and Home Affairs Council records that "the Council could conclude the Agreement in May or June, after having involved the parliaments in an appropriate manner". It has been our expectation, and I believe the expectation of our sister Committee in the House of Commons, that the draft Agreement would be deposited with Parliament and that both Scrutiny Committees would be given sufficient time to examine the text.

  I understand that Member States may be asked at the JHA Council on 8 May to authorise the Presidency to sign the Agreement. Accordingly, I request you to stand by the assurance given in your letter of 30 January that the Committee will have an opportunity to scrutinise the text in full. We would be grateful if you would deposit the document as soon as possible.

24 March 2003

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