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European Union - Forty-Fourth Report

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 18 November 2003.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Purpose of this report

What do we do? Overview of the work of the Committee

How we are developing what we do - The Scrutiny Review

Other changes to our work - The draft constitutional Treaty


CHAPTER 2: Review of substantive policy work

The draft Constitutional Treaty and the Institutions

The draft Treaty

Analysis of Articles

Foreign Affairs and Defence

Human Rights

Social Europe

Court of Auditors

Overarching Scrutiny

Economic and financial affairs

The 2004 EC Budget

The European Central Bank

The Stability and Growth Pact

Taxation of Fuel in the EU




Financial Services Action Plan

Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence


Foreign affairs

Security strategy


EU-US Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties

Other legal affairs issues

Home Affairs


Illegal immigration

Border controls


Other immigration issues


Social Affairs, Employment and Education

Agriculture and Environment

Mid-term review of the common agricultural policy: external implications

Progress of reform of the common fisheries policy

EU waste management policy

Energy, Transport, Industry and Research

"Open Skies" or Open Markets: Aviation Relations

Entrepreneurship in Europe: Commission's Green Paper

Packaging and packaging waste

CHAPTER 3: policy matters: looking ahead to 2004


The draft constitutional Treaty; and institutional affairs

The Commission's Annual Work programme; and the Council's strategic agenda

The WTO: The EU Mandate After Cancun

Economic and financial affairs: other key issues for 2004

Foreign Affairs and Defence

International development

Immigration and asylum

Energy, Industry, Transport and Research

Agriculture and Environment


CHAPTER 4: Administrative and procedural matters

Effective scrutiny

Scrutiny of ministers in Council

Enhanced scrutiny

Scrutiny overrides

Documents not deposited

The work of our Sub-Committees

Scrutiny: Co-operation

The House of Lords

The House of Commons

Other national parliaments

The European Parliament

The UK Presidency

Resources and administration


The internet

Format of reports

Press and publicity


Appendix 1 Membership of Committees: Session 2002-03

Appendix 2 Reports published in session 2002-03

Appendix 3 Scrutiny of EU Legislation - the sift process

Appendix 4 Press and Publicity: Draft Action Plan for Sub-Committees

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