Select Committee on European Union Forty-Fifth Report

Appendix 1 Membership of Sub-Committee B

The Members of Sub-Committee B who conducted this inquiry were:

Lord Cavendish of Furness

Lord Chadlington

Baroness Cohen of Pimlico

Lord Faulkner of Worcester

Lord Fearn

Lord Howie of Troon

Lord Shutt of Greetland

Lord Skelmersdale

Lord Walpole

Lord Woolmer of Leeds (Chairman)

Declaration of Interests

Lord Cavendish of Furness    Director, Holker Holdings Ltd

            Director, Park Healthcare Ltd (Private Nursing Home)

            Director, United Kingdom Nirex Ltd

            Director, Burlington Slate Ltd

Lord Chadlington        Chairman, International Public Relations

            Director, Huntsworth Plc/Chadlington Consultancy/Oxford               Resources Ltd

            Chief Executive, Quiller Consultants

Baroness Cohen of Pimlico    Non Executive Chairman, BPP Holdings Plc

            Non Executive Director, London Stock Exchange

            Non Executive Director, Management Consulting Group Plc

            Non Executive Director, Defence Logistics Org

Lord Faulkner of Worcester    Incepta Group Plc

Lord Fearn        Councillor, Sefton M.B.C

Lord Howie of Troon      Consultant, George S. Hall Ltd

Lord Shutt of Greetland      Self-employed Consultant (non-practising Chartered               Accountant)

            Director, The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd and               subsidiary companies

            Trustee, The JRSST Charitable Trust

            Trustee, The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Lord Skelmersdale        Director, Broadleigh Nurseries Ltd

Lord Walpole        Landowner, retired Farmer, Gardener

            Active in countryside conservation since 1982

            Vice-President, Council for National Parks

            Director, Peter Beales Roses

            Member, Country Land and Business Association,                 National Trust

Lord Woolmer of Leeds      Partner, Halton Gill Associates

(Chairman)        Partner, Anderson McGraw

            Non Executive Director, Thornfield Properties Plc

            Non Executive Director, CourtCom Ltd

            Chairman, Energy Forum, Yorkshire and Humber                 Regional Development Agency (Yorkshire Forward)

            Member, Council of the Foundation for Management               Education

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