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European Union - Forty-Eighth Report

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 18 November 2003.


Terms of Reference

Government responses for session 2001-02

7th Report: A Second Parliamentary Chamber for Europe: An

Unreal Solution to some Real Problems

8th Report: Minimum Standards of Reception Conditions for Asylum Seekers

9th Report: Reducing Air traffic Delays: Civilian Military Management of Airspace in Europe: Supplementary Report

11th Report: The European Policy on Security and Defence

12th Report: European Contract Law

13th Report: Reducing the Risk: Regulating Industrial Chemicals

14th report: Energy Supply: How secure are we?

15th Report: "Working in Europe: Access for all"

16th Report: The European Arrest Warrant

19th Report: Asylum Applications-Who Decides

20th Report: Responding to the Balkan Challenge: The Role of EU Aid

22nd Report: Labelling and Tracing of GM Food and Animal Feed: Informing the Consumer

23rd Report: The Scrutiny of European Business-Provisional Agreement in the Council of Ministers

24th Report: Drinking and Driving

28th Report: Defining Refugee Status and those in need on International Development

32nd Report: The Review of the EC Merger Regulation

33rd Report: Packaging and Packaging Waste: Revised Recovery and Recycling Targets

36th Report: Environmental Regulation and Agriculture

37th Report: A Common Policy on Illegal Immigrants  


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