Select Committee on European Union Forty-Ninth Report

Correspondence with Ministers

1. As part of our scrutiny of the European Union and of documents deposited, our Sub-Committees prepare letters to Ministers to express views on documents under scrutiny and on other matters of policy. The procedure of sending a letter may be adopted for a number of reasons, including that the timetable of the Council of Ministers precludes the Committee making a report, or that the points at issue do not warrant a full report, or to follow-up a previous report.

2. We publish occasional volumes of such correspondence, including ministerial replies and other material where appropriate.[1] This volume covers the period from July 2002 to March 2003 and includes the text of letters sent[2] and received together with any supporting material. For the first time, this volume includes not only an index of contents but also a list of documents by Council document number where one is given.

1   The previous volume of Correspondence with Ministers was published as the 27th Report, 2001-2002
(HL Paper 146). 

2   All letters are signed and sent by the Chairman of the Select Committee, regardless of which Sub-Committee has prepared them. Back

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